Carsphairn Community Trust (CCT)

Carsphairn Community Trust (CCT) is a Scottish Registered Charity (No. SCO44308), working in and on behalf of the residents of Carsphairn community.

CCT are fully committed to working with any Community Group or individual who wishes to initiate a project that will benefit Carsphairn Community residents, including young persons, the elderly and disabled.

Projects undertaken so far include -

  • Carsphairn Future Plan - An independent community survey and subsequent Future Plan, were carried out on behalf of CCT to establish the community's wishes for future projects to enhance the area and help secure the sustainability for future generations. You can download a copy here.
    Carsphairn Future Plan 2016
    The Future Plan was reviewed in 2021, with a new independent survey sent out to residents and this review can also be downloaded here.

  • Carsphairn Future Plan Review 2021
  • An Extra-curricular Grant Scheme providing grants to school-aged children living in the Carsphairn Community Council area. Funds awarded by CREFL enable CCT to offer these grants.
  • A Help Group set up during the Coronavirus outbreak, recruiting local volunteers to assist Carsphairn residents, particularly the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable members of the community, such as in obtaining food and prescriptions.
  • Production of a Carsphairn Calendar, with local photos taken by community members distributed to all households in the Community.
  • Overseeing any permitted river works required to alleviate the possibility of further flooding in the village.
  • Installation of a double-sided Community Notice board at the Heritage Centre car park, on one side displaying a map of the Carsphairn Community area, on the other, space for to promote their events. All Glenkens wide community groups can promote their events here, free of charge. Please contact us if you wish to have a notice displayed.
  • Facilitating free use of Lagwyne Hall for community group activities and events via the CCT Recreation Group.
  • Proposal and research into acquiring a local woodland for the benefit of the local Community, which led to the acquisition of part of Muirdrochwood Forest for the benefit of the local community and visitors, by Carsphairn Community Woodland.
  • Facilitation of a Christmas Craft Fayre run in 2019 which raised funds for the Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes charity.
  • Donation towards local Children’s Christmas party in 2019.
  • Acquisition of domestic dwelling situated within Carsphairn Village for let under affordable housing to help towards rural regeneration and to help prevent further deterioration of local housing stock.

If you require any further information, or would like to become involved in ANY way, please email us!

To download a copy of the Carsphairn Community Trust Constitution, click here.

CCT's OSCR entry
Community notice board CCT Help Group poster

Current Office Bearers -

Convenor - Davie McMillan

Secretary - Wendy Fenton

Treasurer - Steve Cowley

Committee members: Ben Ade, Juliet Dixon.

To contact CCT, please email

Extra-Curricular Grant Scheme

Carsphairn Community Trust (CCT) ran the extra-curricular grant scheme again in 2022 and applications are now closed, with successful applicants receiving the grants in June 2022. The grant is funded by Carsphairn Renewable Energy Fund Limited (CREFL) and is available to all children of school age who reside in the Carsphairn Community Council area.

EC Grant Guidance Overview