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Crafts, Trades and Skills


A look at the crafts, trades and skills which existed in Carsphairn 100 years ago.

This is a digital reproduction of the exhibition shown in 1994 in the Heritage Centre.


Exhibition of Objects


Some of our collection of objects ranging from wartime, through farming to fashion.

Kirkyard Inscriptions


Inscriptions on memorials to be found in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

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List of CHG Exhibitions

Carsphairn Heritage Group researched, curated and displayed a yearly exhibition between 1987 and 2018.

Here is a collection of the leaflets which were used for advertisements.

We are in the process of digitising all our past exhibition and making them available online. You can find them under the On Line Exhibitions tab above or on the table on the following page.

Martin Family Photos


A collection of photos of the Carsphairn Martin family, kindly donated by a descendant in Canada.

If you known any of the un-named people, please get in touch and let us know!



Our collection of Heritage Group Newsletters from Winter 1988 to Autumn 2017.

These Four Walls - Building Memories of a Community


Remains and standing buildings are part of every community, but in Carsphairn parish, old buildings have been largely undisturbed by the hand of man, and natural decay and neglect has caused their ruination. These many reminders of a previous population stand beside current buildings, some adapted from their previous purpose, but all providing part of the rich heritage in an isolated parish which once boasted a far greater population than now. 

This is a digital reproduction of our exhibition shown in 2017 at The Heritage Centre.