Carsphairn School Closure Consultation

**20th January 2023 - Consultation recommendation to continue mothballing for a period of up to 2 years - see below**

Dumfries & Galloway education department want to close Carsphairn school for good.

The school has served the community for close to 300 years and in that time has provided its pupils with a good education, passing all inspections with flying colours.

Our school has represented the beating heart of the community and has brought the community together in so many ways, organising school plays and concerts, beetle drives, Christmas and other fairs, representing Carsphairn in regional music competitions, singing in our community garden amongst many other activities.

We are witnessing a movement of people often from urban areas to rural locations as a result of the pandemic and the community council believe this trend may well continue, including families with young children. Most of the houses that were for sale in Carsphairn over the past few years have sold in the last couple of years.

Closing our school would seriously undermine Carsphairn’s sustainability into the future as we need younger families to help regenerate our area. The Community Council will fight to prevent closure. We are currently investigating the building of much needed affordable housing to attract younger families.

Carsphairn Primary School Receives Temporary Reprieve

Following the recent consultation for closure of Carsphairn Primary, Dumfries & Galloway Council's Learning and Education Directorate is recommending that the Education Committee vote on 28 March to continue the current mothballed status for up to two years.

Carsphairn Community Council (CCC) question the period of two years which appears not to follow the relevant clauses of the Education Act 2010.

Although CCC are cautiously pleased that a case could not be made to close the school at this ime, mothballing rather than reopening the school means that children who wish to learn at their local school will continue to be forced to travel to Dalry.

This means a potential journey of 20 miles to Dalry and back in all weathers, if resident in the Upper Deugh valley, where it is currently likely a primary school child will settle in the near future.

Liz Holmes, chair of CCC, said: "We are glad that firstly the schools inspector who assessed the closure report felt that the case for closure had not been adequately made, and secondly that the the Learning and Education Directorate seem to have recognised that Carsphairn's affordable housing project, led by the South of Scotland Community Housing group and aimed at regeneration of Carsphairn community, should bring young families with children to settle in Carsphairn.

"These children will have the undeniable right to be educated in their local school in their local community [not one at least ten miles away]."

CCC would like to thank all the residents, parents, and pupils who took the time to respond to the consultation, and who demonstrated overwhelming support to re-open the school. They would like to remind Carsphairn-based families who are completing forms to enrol their children in school/ nursery to place Carsphairn School as their first choice on the form, despite its current mothballed status, as this clearly shows the desire for the school to re-open. Liz continued: "CCC will continue working with the community and D&G Council to try and save the school, encourage more young families to move to Carsphairn and help us to ensure the long term sustainability of our community."

What you can do to help

For further info or help, email Liz Holmes or telephone 01644 460662.

Enrolling your child in Temporarily Closed (Mothballed) School

  • For children living within the catchment of a mothballed school, the appropriate enrolment form should be completed
  • If you wish your child to attend the catchment school which is currently mothballed, please complete a Catchment School Application form and return to the partnership school (partnership school detailed in the table below).
  • Non-catchment children should complete a Non-Catchment School Application form (above) and return to your catchment school.
  • Following the Primary 1 enrolment process the status of mothballed schools will be reassessed.
  • If the school is due to remain mothballed, contact will be made with parents to discuss alternative options.
  • There is no guarantee that mothballed schools will be reopened, nor can it be guaranteed that currently mothballed school won't return to mothballed status in the future.


Dumfries and Galloway Council are currently considering the closure of Carsphairn primary school. This decision would be a tragic loss to our rural community, who have depended on the school for nearly 300 years.

Please sign the petition below to demonstrate to D&G Council that there is a strong interest and need to keep the school in use, now and into the future.

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Carsphairn Primary School

Carsphairn Primary is a great wee rural school which has been providing primary learning, skills and education in Carsphairn since 1723. In just a few years' time it will have been serving the community for 300 years!

Owing to a falling school role and children moving out of Carsphairn, the school, including the nursery, is currently 'mothballed' whilst we await more families with young children to come and stay in our area.

Carsphairn is a buoyant small village in the Galloway uplands, around 725 feet high, 10 miles in either direction from the next nearest village and with a backdrop of the majestic Rhinns of Kells. An unrivalled view of the Rhinns is seen from one of the classrooms and from the playground.

Please have a look at our school leaflet below which has more info on Carsphairn and conveys how valuable the school is for each and every pupil. It is the heartbeat of Carsphairn and regularly brings the community together.

If you have young children, and want to live in a lovely, quiet and rural location, Carsphairn may be just what you're looking for!

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