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Illustration – The Laird of Bargally




Illustration – The Laird of Bargally


See ExC_40 - The Farmer for the beginning of story.

The poor farmer pled his innocence, seemingly with no effect. Witnesses spoke of seeing him wearing the bonnet and wig at the scene of the crime. All seemed to be lost until, suddenly, a man who had been sitting in the body of the court, rushed to the exhibits (the bonnet and the wig) put them on and said to the Laird. “Look at me, sir and tell me on your oath, am not I the man who robbed you?" The astonished Laird looked and suddenly recognised, beyond all doubt, that this was his assailant. “By heaven,” he exclaimed, "you are the very man!

The stranger turned to the judge and said. “You see what kind of a memory, the gentleman has, my lord. He swears to the bonnet, whatever features are under it. If you yourself, my lord, will put it on your head he will be willing to swear that your lordship was the man who robbed him!”

After some hesitation, the judge agreed and acquitted the farmer. The highwayman, who had saved him, gave the Laird a complacent smile and left the court,







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