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Miss Janet (Jennie) Richardson




Miss Janet (Jennie) Richardson


Copy of unknown original - Miss Janet (Jennie) Richardson, whose suitcase with the Cunard label on it is here, was born in Dalmellington. Had she lived she would have been 110 this year. She spent most of her working life in America in Sharon, Connecticut where she was a housekeeper for several families. She first moved there in the 1930s to join her sister Annie who had already emigrated. The Cunard label gives lots of interesting detail and the suitcase was probably used on her return to Scotland when she retired in the early 1960s. She bought a house in Dalmellington called Trinidad Cottage and lived there until she went into a retirement home in Ayr where she died in 1989 aged 90. Her Carsphairn connection was through her brother Davy Richardson and his son Jim.




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