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Kirkyard gravestone 46




Kirkyard gravestone 46


(Stone inside fence at wall) Erected 1838 In memory of Robert JAMIESON who died at Holm 26thJuly 1828 aged 52 years; Also of his daughter Mary Jamieson who died 13th July 1825 aged 8 years and of his son Samuel Jamieson who died 24th April 1830 aged 2 years and of his son Archibald who died at Holm 7th May 1846 in the 22nd year of his age. Also Mary Wallace relict of the above Robert Jamieson who died 31st August 1863 aged 75 years. In memory of Jessie, daughter of Richard Jamieson who died at Holm 5th March 1865 aged 23 days and of the said Richard Jamieson second son of the said Robert Jamieson who died 13th December 1869, aged 64 years. Also Jessie, second daughter of the above Richard Jamieson, who died at Holm 13th March, 1874 aged 5 years and 11 months, also Richard son of the above Richard Jamieson who died 21st August 1906, aged 45 years. Also John son of Richard Jamieson, Holm, who died 15th December 1913, aged 46 years. Mrs Jessie Jamieson born in the year 1837 and died on the 10th April 1916 aged 79 years. (At right of same gravestone) In loving memory of Robert JAMIESON died at Jamieston House 31st March 1942 Mary JAMIESON died 6th Jan. 1949. Also his wife Bessie SCOTT died at Folkestone 25th April 1953.






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