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Newspaper clipping - 'Roadman Missing at Carsphairn' Richard Anderson




Newspaper clipping - 'Roadman Missing at Carsphairn' Richard Anderson


The mysterious disappearance of Richard Anderson, a roadman, has cast quite a gloom over the village and surrounding district. It appears that on Saturday morning he left his home before breakfast, and since then not the slightest trace of him can be found, despite the fact that a most minute and diligent search has been made on neighbouring hills and waters. Both sides of the Deugh have been carefully examined from Carsphairn right down to Loch Ken. Searchers have been busy ever since Saturday morning, but without avail, and the worst is feared.
Anderson, who is well known in the district, is about 46 years of age, 5 feet 7 ½ or 8 inches in height, fresh, ruddy complexion, sandy hair, moustache and bushy side whiskers, clean shaven chin. He wore a suit of dark grey tweed clothes in which he had been accustomed going to work, and when he left the house he was minus his watch and pipe. His boots were unlaced, and, although the morning was stormy, he took no overcoat with him. It is stated he had been complaining for some time of pains in his head, and it is thought he may have wandered, not knowing where he was going, or that he may have been seized with illness and lain down in some obscure corner. The curling pond and manse reservoir have been run dry, but without affording any clue. The state of the river, which has been in continual flood ever since Saturday owing to heavy rains, has prevented dragging operations to any extent, and the opaque colour of the water has nullified the idea of scrutinising the bed of the river.
Much sympathy has been expressed for the sorrowing relatives, who will gladly welcome any information that may throw light on the mystery.







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