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Kirkyard gravestone 16




Kirkyard gravestone 16


(Stone inside green fence) In memory of James MITCHELL who died at Garryhorn on 5th January 1840 aged 76 years. And of William MITCHELL his son who died at Garryhorn 7th Sept. 1859 aged 52 years. Also of Isabella MOORE his wife who died at Burnhead 19th June 1845 aged 74. Also Quintin MITCHELL his son who died at Carnavel 17th Dec. 1885 aged 84. Also Ellen MCTAGGART his wife who died at Carnavel 5th Feb. 1891 aged 75. Also David MITCHELL born at Garryhorn died at Carnavel 31st Jan. 1899 aged 87. Elizabeth A IRVINE wife of David MITCHELL died at Carnavel 23rd July 1905 aged 40. Also David MITCHELL of Carnavel Carsphairn son of above Quintin MITCHELL died 2nd Feb. 1935 aged 75 years. Mary BOWIE TODD FALCONER his wife who died 7th June 1946 aged 73 years. Quintin, son of above David & Mary MITCHELL who died 24th April 1907 aged 59 years.






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