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Kirkyard gravestone 14




Kirkyard gravestone 14


THOMAS ANDERSON In memory of Margaret MILLIGAN his mother who died at Liggate, 6th April 1855 aged 66 years. And of their children who died at Bridgend. Robert died 22nd Dec. 1864 aged 8 years. William died 25th Dec. 1864 aged 4 years. Barbara died 26th Dec. 1864 aged. 10 years. Margaret died 31st Dec. 1864 aged. 6 years.
Thomas died 31st Jan. 1865 aged. 8 months. The above Thomas ANDERSON died at Liggate, Carsphairn 7th July 1902 aged 70 years. Also his wife Mary Newall who died at Liggate 30th August 1904 aged 73 years. Also their son Richard ANDERSON who died 26th March 1911 aged 46 years. Also their son John ANDERSON who died on Service in the Great War, 11th Feb. 1919 aged 47. And of his wife Margaret B. BEATTIE who died at Paisley 29th Sept. 1946 aged 72. Also their daughter Elizabeth who died at Paisley 15th April 1987 aged 80.






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