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  • NL_053.pdf

    Chairman's Report 2000; Holiday Presents; Poem by William Findlay Dickson.
  • NL_013.pdf

    Life at the Mines; Dates for Your Diary; John Louden McAdam; Summer Outing to the Miner’s Cottage and Old Dalmellington 24 July 1990; Weather Present – Weather Past; Notices: Heritage Centre, Stop Press; Committee Members.
  • NL_012.pdf

    Notices: Annual General Meeting, Old Time Dance, Heritage Centre; Anton McMillan; Dr Thomas Jackson; The McRaes; The Appalachian Scots; “All hail, My bold Brochloch...”; 1875-1900; Sponsored Walk.
  • Object_295_WritingSlate.jpg

    Child's writing slate
  • Object_294_InkBottle.jpg

    Bottle, Stephen's Blue/black Writing Fluid
  • Object_292_PenNibs.jpg

    Pen Nibs, Perry (boxed)
  • Object_205_Sampler.jpg

    Sampler in frame, Moniaive School, Bessie Wilson
  • Object_192_StampPad_1.jpg

    Stamp Pad Veteran series date on bottom Sept 1967
  • Object_30_Gird&Cleek.jpg

    Gird and cleek
  • DI_35.jpg

    Front Row: Jack Paterson, Robert McGill, Cecil Roberston, Robert Johnson, Tom Robb, Jacky Martin, Billy Latimer, T McIntyre, W Walker, Eggar McNaught, Hugh Martin

    Second Row: R Muir, M Stewart, Phyllis Bell, Lillias McWilliam, Mary Rogerson, Jessie May Douglas, Mary Carson, Violet McMinn, H Stewart, J Dargavel, Joy Robb, M Stewart, Jean Chesney.

    Third Row: Jean McQueen, j Stewart, M Campbell, I McKnight, J Fraser, Daisie Watson, S Walker, Mary Robb, Alice Milligan, Eileen McGill, Sheila Martin, Agnes Robb

    Back Row: J Latimer, C Jardine, William Martin, Doug Garmory, J A Latimer, W Plunkett, Jacky Webster, R M Garmory, A McKnight, David Wilson
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