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These Four Walls, Building Memories of a Community

My Mackay Family Roots; Type Cast; Woodhead Dog Cemetery?; The Shiel of Castlemaddie; My Search for the Hope Family (part 2); Recent Local Place Names

75th Anniversary of Carsphairn Women’s Rural Institute; Obituary Rhoda Campbell; Buses by Joyce Hunter Blair; Walk on the Wild Side by Ruth Williams; Names of local features by Anna Campbell.

Chairman’s Report 2009; Some Gaelic Place-Names along the southern section of the pack road (between Carnavel and Polmaddy) in Carsphairn Parish; The experiences of a Land Girl.

Reflections of the Chair – by Agnes Holden; More Jamieson Letters; A Parable for 2008; Some Names in Carsphairn and their meaning; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society.

The Happiest Days of Your Life; “Fragments of the History of Alexander McKay”; Notice: Volunteers Week 2002; Newspaper clipping: Glenkens trail is an education; Notice: The Heritage Group Summer Visit; 1848 Ordnance Survey Notebooks; Notice: new…

Notice: AGM; Alexander Frederick McAdam of Craigengillan born 10/10/1864 died 08/01/1901; The Great Carsphairn Drought; Local Places surveyed in 1848;

The 1999 Exhibition; Notice: The Spring Buffet Supper; Recollections of Hydro Electricity Coming to Carsphairn by Willie Dickson; Place Names – Changes Over the Centuries; The Magical Rowan Tree; Sheep may Safely Braise; Traffic in Carsphairn during…

Chairman’s Notes; Carsphairn Revisited; Frontispiece: Peddy Train by Jane Abel; Endangered Speeches; The Change in Farm Names Over The Centuries; 100 Years Ago and 70 Years Ago (Extracts from Dumfries Standard); Ode to the Heritage Centre.

Update; Membership of the Scottish Tourist Board; Did You Know? ‘Green Well’ Gold; Shepherd’s Ball 1846; Wanlockhead Trust; Forthcoming Events; Interesting Historical Facts; Bridges; Trips and Tours; Local Walks; Historical Notes (Extracts from…
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