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Dance Programme
Carsphairn Shepherd's Society

1 Truimph

2 Highland Schottische

3 Quadrille

4 Flowers of Edinburgh

5 Polka

6 Lancers

7 Meg Mersibers

8 The Waltz

9 Scotch…

"Welcome Uncle Joe"; "The Wee Comic"; The Masterfu' Wife" and "Foreign Affairs" x2

At Lagwyne Hall. Speech by Thomas Fergusson (Knockengorroch) or his brother John Fergusson (Woodhead)

RMC_15a Long service medal David Murray 31 years.jpg
Presented to David Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

RMC_14a Long service Medal Robbie Murray 30 years.jpg
Presented to Robbie Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

RMC_13a Long Service Medal Robbie Murray 50 years.jpg
Presented to Robbie Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

Jean McMillan (Mrs Ferguson), Mrs Betty McMillan, Annie Martin, Agnes McMillan (Postmistress), George McMillan.
Dress in our collection. See also photos 406, 407 and 408.

See also Photo_409

Carsphairn Dramatic Club 1954

Back Row: Mrs HSarp, Mrs Richardson, Mr McCubbin, Mrs J Bell, Mr G Wilson, Miss Jessie Hunter, Mr A Sharp, Mr S Pole, Miss Jessie Pringle, Mr J Hough, Mrs Pole, Mr C Campbell, Mrs Edgar, Mr S Cowan

Front Row: Mr W…

Carsphairn Dramatic Club and Friends

B/row Mr T Edgar, Jas. Belford, John McKenzie, Jackie Hough, Bob Edgar, Ann Hastings, John Hastings

2/B Jessie Pringle, Willie Dickson, Arnold Sharp, Phil McCubbin, Nicky Cowan, Billy Fergusson, Sam Cowan,…

Forde Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

Mitchell Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

2014 exhibition; Carsphairn Shepherds Society; Rev John Semple; Rainfall, Galloway News 1915.

From the chairman – Carsphairn Coming Home Exhibition; Carsphairn Golf Club; The Myth of Tarmacadam; Plane Crash; Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; My Flight to South Africa by Sally Gilroy; Cold Comfort by Sue Wiseman.

Reflections of the Chair – by Agnes Holden; More Jamieson Letters; A Parable for 2008; Some Names in Carsphairn and their meaning; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society.

Kail, Cakes and Cures – Our Kitchen Heritage, the 2008 exhibition; Stroanfreggan Bowling Club – The Beginnings; Tales for the Barber’s Chair; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805 (letters); That Round The World Flying Trip in 1922, The Last Word;

The 2007 Season; Cricket Match in 2008???; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society; The Dundeugh Birtwhistles; The winning sermon; The Autumn Buffet, September 2007; A Grocery List from 1803; The Seaton Family.

The Chairman’s Report at the 2006 AGM; Cricket at Carsphairn; Appeal for ‘Carsphairn – The Sporting Life’; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805; Carsphairn Cricket Club

The 2006 season; Autumn Buffet supper; Campbell McIntosh McMillan (Flt. Sgt) 1914-1945; Carsphairn Total Abstinence Society; The Rhinns of Kells (excerpt)

Chairman’s Report on 2004; Precautions in an Emergency; The Mutual Improvement Society, Woodhead Mine, Carsphairn 1849-1850; How good is your language.

Notices: New Exhibition, Stewards, Spitfire Blue Peter, Fifth Sponsored Walk; Another view of the high walk; Low Level Walk; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 4.

Carsphairn’s Geological Heritage; Notices: Recipe Book, Second Summer Exhibition – Carsphairn During the Second World War; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 3; Roots 93; Notices: Heritage Centre, Wine and Cheese Party; Sponsored Walk; Extract…

Editorial; The Lass O’ The Garryhorn; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 2; Notices: Spitfire Search, Open Meetings, Second Summer Exhibition, Carsphairn during the Second World War, Office Bearers, Subscriptions, Further Diary Dates.

Notices: The Heritage Centre, Annual General Meeting, Fourth Sponsored Hill Walk; Heritage by A. S. Pook; Walter Blythe; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society.

Editorial; 49 Years with the Forestry Commission; Forestry in the Parish; Carsphairn Horticultural and Pastoral Show; Carsphairn Pastoral Society Semi Jubilee Show; Summer Outing; Old Worthy; Notices: Recipe Book, A Riddle, Ordnance Survey Maps,…

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1890, Best Pen of Tups

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1897, Best Pen of Ewes and Lambs

Cup – Rev W R Sievewright – carpet bowling

Inkstand 'Carsphairn Draughts Club

Stevensons Biddle for Carsphairn Carpet Bowling Club
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