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Carsfad Murder and the Execution of Mary Timney 1862


The tragic sequence of events which led to the last public execution of a female in Scotland - 27 year old Mary Timney of Carsphad (Carsfad).

Carsphairn Kirk - A Church in the Heart of The Hills


This is a digital reproduction of our exhibition shown in 1990 in Lagwyne Hall and 2015 at The Heritage Centre.

Although 2015 was the bicentenary year of the present Church in Carsphairn, its roots began at a much earlier date. A number of early crosses, found in and around the area, hint at an early Church presence in the parish, but it was with the building of the first Church on the current site in 1636 that our story begins.



The subject of clogmaking was presented as part of our Crafts, Trades and Skills exhibition in 1994.

We are grateful to the late Godfrey Smith for lending us the items shown here.

Godfrey sadly passed away in 2015. You can read a tribute to him here. He was Scotland's last clog maker.

Crafts, Trades and Skills


A look at the crafts, trades and skills which existed in Carsphairn 100 years ago.

This is a digital reproduction of the exhibition shown in 1994 in the Heritage Centre, scanned by volunteers on 30th OCtober 2019.

Exhibition of Objects


Some of our collection of objects ranging from wartime, through farming to fashion.

Flora and Fauna of Carsphairn


1992 the Heritage Group along with pupils from Carsphairn Primary School presented an exhibition of slides depicting many varieties and species of flora and fauna found in and around Carsphairn.

In this digital exhibition (scanned on 30th October 2019) we attempt to show you a flavour of the original presentation.

Some slides are yet to be located and we will add these at a later date.

Glenkens Schools over the Centuries


This is a digital reproduction of our exhibition shown in 2002 at The Heritage Centre and scanned by volunteers on 19th February 2020.

Kenneth McAlpine Heritage Walks


Kenneth McAlpine is a long-standing supporter of Carsphairn Heritage Group and a lover of hill-walking, he now lives in Ayr.

Many thanks to Ken for sharing his work and for his kind permission in allowing us to display his images on our Archive.

Kirkyard Inscriptions


Inscriptions on memorials to be found in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

List of CHG Exhibitions


Carsphairn Heritage Group researched, curated and displayed a yearly exhibition between 1986 and 2020.

We are in the process of digitising all our past exhibition and making them available online. You can find them under the Online Exhibitions tab above or on the table on the following page along with a collection of the leaflets which were used to  advertise the exhibitions.

Local Tales and Legends ... and Spooky Stories


This is a digital reproduction of our 1988 and 2016 exhibitions, scanned by volunteers on 30th October 2019.

The original exhibition was shown in Lagwyne Hall and was accompanied by two booklets. The 2016 exhibition followed similar stories with some new additions.

Martin Family Photos


A collection of photos of the Carsphairn Martin family, kindly donated by a descendant in Canada.

If you known any of the un-named people, please get in touch and let us know!



Our collection of Heritage Group Newsletters from Winter 1988 to Autumn 2017.

One Hundred Years a Hero - Lt Col William Hew Clark Kennedy VC


This is a digital reproduction of our annual exibition displayed in the Spring/Summer of 2018 at Carsphairn Heritage Centre.

The year marked the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, ending World War I.

Robbie Murray

RMC_10 photo of Robbie Murray.pdf

Robert (Robbie) Murray was a shepherd on the Forrest Estate (near Polharrow, just outside St Johns Town of Dalry). He was also a talanted poet, musician, singer and artist and a well-liked character across the Glenkens.

We are privileged to hold a collection of his music, poems and personal effects.

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Robin Ade Collection


Robin Ade is a local artist, illustrator and author. Robin has been a great supporter and contributor to Carsphairn Heritage Group from its inception in 1987. He is the longest standing member of our Board of Trustees and still regularly attends Group Meetings.

Robin has created a vast number of hand-drawn illustrations over the last thirty-plus years and the Group are delighted to be able to share his collection with you via this archive.

Robin’s work is extremely precious to Carsphairn Heritage Group and we are grateful for his long and loyal dedication. We express our sincere thanks to Robin for his kind permission to display this collection.

We hope you enjoy his work.

The Last Spinner of Carsphairn


A digital version of our 2019 exhibition which was presented at 'Worldwide Spin in Public Day' at the Heritage Centre on 21 September 2019

These Four Walls - Building Memories of a Community


This is a digital reproduction of our exhibition shown in 2017 at The Heritage Centre. It was scanned by volunteers on 30th October 2019.

Wildlife of the Glenkens


A carefully observed and meticulously recorded study of the Wildlife in the Glenkens....

Painstakingly executed by Sue Wiseman - 2002

Sue is a long-standing supporter of Carsphairn Heritage Group and former committee member. Her wonderful artwork and humourous observations have helped illustrate many exhibitions. We are forever grateful for her unrivalled talent. This exhibition is a dedication to her work.