Memorials & Inscriptions


Memorials & Inscriptions


Memorials found in and around Carsphairn. Locations include Carsphairn Kirkyard and the War Memorial at the Liggate.

Also includes air crashes.

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Memorials map
Map of the location of graves and memorials in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

Inscriptions List
List of inscriptions on memorials and graves in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

American plane memorial
Boeing KB-29P 44-83950, Brockloch

Kirkyard gravestone 1
Erected by Hugh MCCULLOCH, in memory of Agnes CLELLAND, his wife, who died at Burnfoot 4th February 1856, aged 40 years. John their son died at Carsphairn Village 14th December 1886, aged 35 years. The above Hugh MCCULLOCH died at Carsphairn 18th…

Kirkyard gravestone 2
Erected by William GILCHRIST, in memory of his father James GILCHRIST who died at Meadowhead 25th Feb 1863 aged 46 years. Also of Euphemia CLEMENT GILCHRIST, his daughter who died at Meadowhead 23rd Sept 1878 aged 13 years and nine months. The above…

Kirkyard gravestone 3
Erected by John HUNTER, in memory of his wife Jane BAIRD who died 14th Dec 1898 aged 84 years. Also of their children: Agnes who died 18th Oct 1865, aged 8 months. Jane Barbara who died 18th Sept 1875, aged 4 years. George BAIRD who died 27th Jan…

Kirkyard gravestone 4
Erected by Wm. SOMMERVILLE, in memory of his son Gilbert who died at Garryhorn 20th July 1863 aged 6 months. Also James SLOSS, his brother in law who died at Garryhorn 4th Sept 1864 aged 49 years. Also Mary SLOSS wife of the above Wm. SOMMERVILLE who…

Kirkyard gravestone 5
In memory of James WILSON who died at Shiel of Castlemaddie 4th June 1885 aged 50 years. Also of Agnes his daughter who died 16th Jan 1863 aged 3 months. Margaret MCCLYMONT wife of James WILSON who died at Shiel 22nd April 1929 aged 96 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 6
Erected by George C. MCMILLAN in memory of his son Hugh BARCLAY who died 2nd Feb 1893 aged 4 and a half years. Also his wife Jane BARCLAY who died 10th August 1911 aged 64 years. Also the above George C. MCMILLAN who died 7th August 1918 aged 71…

Kirkyard gravestone 7
In memory of Agnes CAMPBELL born 6th March 1807, died 20th April 1869. John MCMILLAN her son born 15th May 1834, died 21st March 1850. Joan MCMILLAN born 25th Feb. 1880 died 30th Sept. 1879. James MCMILLAN born 6th June 1839 died 30th August 1880.…

Kirkyard gravestone 8
Front (A short column with spire) In memory of William CAMPBELL, long an elder of this Parish, one of the poor of this world, but rich in faith, who, by his industry brought up his family in comfort; by his piety trained them in the fear of the…

Kirkyard gravestone 9
In memory of Robert MONTGOMERY who died at Drumjohn 5th August 1885 aged 85 years. Also John his son who died 3rd Feb. 18 aged 21 years. Robert his son died in childhood. Also James his son who died 6th Nov. 1861 aged 22 years. Also Jane MCCULLOCH…

Kirkyard gravestone 10
In loving memory of William DICKSON PTE RAMC husband of Mary MCMILLAN who died at Carsphairn 26th August 1917 aged 32. Also the above Mary MCMILLAN died 3rd June ---- aged 57. Also their only son William Findlay Dickson died 5th Dec 1999 Aged 85,…

Kirkyard gravestone 11
(Lying flat on ground) Erected by John GALLOWAY in memory of his wife Sarah Ann MCMILLAN who died 23rd October …..19 aged …..years. Also the above John GALLOWAY who died in Victoria Infirmary 9th August 1918 aged 64 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 12
Erected by Gilbert MCMILLAN in memory of Catherine WILSON, his wife who died at Woodhead 30th Nov. 1878, aged 43 years. Also Robert, their son who died on 22nd July 1871, aged 10 years. The above Gilbert MCMILLAN died at Tannylaggie, Kirkcowan, on…

Kirkyard gravestone 13
To the memory of Peter CAMPBELL who died at Waterhead 13th March 1882 aged 58. Also his daughter Agnes died 18th April 1865 aged 5 years and 6 months. Jane MCLATCHIE wife of the above who died at Brockloch, 6th June 1903 aged 76 years. Also his…

Kirkyard gravestone 14
THOMAS ANDERSON In memory of Margaret MILLIGAN his mother who died at Liggate, 6th April 1855 aged 66 years. And of their children who died at Bridgend. Robert died 22nd Dec. 1864 aged 8 years. William died 25th Dec. 1864 aged 4 years. Barbara died…

Kirkyard gravestone 15
Erected by James GUFFIE in memory of his daughter Mary who died 12th Nov. 1837 aged 8 years. Also his granddaughter Agnes SLOANE who died 1st August 1866 aged 2 years and 7 months. His wife Agnes MCGILL who died 21st June 1867 aged 66 years. Also his…

Kirkyard gravestone 16
(Stone inside green fence) In memory of James MITCHELL who died at Garryhorn on 5th January 1840 aged 76 years. And of William MITCHELL his son who died at Garryhorn 7th Sept. 1859 aged 52 years. Also of Isabella MOORE his wife who died at Burnhead…

Kirkyard gravestone 17
(Flat stone) Erected by Peter Gordon In loving memory of Margaret MCCUTCHEON his wife who died at Cockhill 16th Dec. 1893 aged 78 years. Also his brother in law Ivie MCCUTCHEON who died at Cockhill 13th Jan. aged 75 years. Also his sister in law…

Kirkyard gravestone 18
Erected by Marmaduke MCCRAE to the memory of his wife Sarah BLACKWOOD who died at Bridgend the 18th Feb. 1842 aged 80 years. Also the above Marmaduke MCCRAE who died at Hardgate, Kells 22nd Oct. 1861 aged 86 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 19
Erected by Jane MURDOCH in Upper Holm of Dalquhairn in memory of her husband Alexander MACMILLAN who died 19th Jan. 1836 aged 59 years. Also the said Jane MURDOCH who died 2nd May 1855 aged 78 years. Also their eldest son Anthony MACMILLAN who died…

Kirkyard gravestone 20
(Small grey stone.) R/387835 Private J Anderson, Royal Army Service Corps, 11th February 1919 Age 47

Kirkyard gravestone 21
In memory of John MCMILLAN Late of Brockloch who died at Glencrosh the 31st March 1852 aged 57 years. Also of Jessie, his infant daughter who died at Mossdale 27th March 1828.

Kirkyard gravestone 22
Erected by Agnes McCAA in the memory of her husband Andrew Ferguson who died at Knockskave 14th May 1865 . Also of their son John who died at Murscalloch 2nd February 1852 aged 18 months. The above Agnes McCAA died at Castramon Dunscore 15th Feb.…

Kirkyard gravestone 23
In memory of David MCMILLAN 1815 - 1893. Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Matt. Xi. 28.

Kirkyard Gravestone 24
In memory of Anne MILLAR, spouse to David MCMILLAN who died at Lowbridge, Invernessshire 15th Oct. 1843 aged 22 years. Also the said David MCMILLAN second son of Alexander MCMILLAN formerly in Upper Holm of Dalquhairn who died at Glenwhisk Moniave…

Kirkyard gravestone 25
(Large stone pedestal) Erected by Mary MITCHELL in memory of husband George MITCHELL who died at Salutation Hotel 12th June 1896 aged 35. Also their daughter Mary who died 3rd July 1896 aged 6 and a half years. Also the above Mary MITCHELL who died…

Kirkyard gravestone 26
In memory of Margret MINZIES, spouse to Robert WHITEFIELD who died at Woodhead Mine 14th Jan. 1843 aged 45 years. Also Thomas his son who died 30th May 1844 aged 22 years. Also the above Robert WHITEFIELD who died 10th Sept. 1844 aged 47 years. Also…

Kirkyard gravestone 27
In memory of Catherine HADDOW who died 1st April 1868 aged 59 years. Adam MENZIES died 1st April 1839 aged 8 years. Maggie MENZIES died 28th Feb. 1844 aged 20 months. Thomas MENZIES died 18th March 1868 aged 39 years. George MENZIES died at Leadhills…

Kirkyard gravestone 28
Erected by William SEATON in memory of his daughter Marion who died at Craigengillan 28th July 1830, aged 10 years. Also his son Thomas SEATON who died at Meadowhead on 6th Oct. 1847, aged 21 years. Also Marion FERGUSSON his spouse who died at…

Kirkyard gravestone 29
In memory of ....who died…………

Kirkyard gravestone 30
In memory of Thomas DARGAVEL who died at Dundeugh 15th Sept. 1842 aged 63 years. Also his spouse Susannah MCKADAM who died 12th April 1842 aged 60 years. Erected by Their Sons

Kirkyard gravestone 31
Erected by Alex SLOANE in memory of Agnes MCCORMICK his wife who died at Mark of Shennanton Parish of Kirkcowan 17th Dec. 1850 aged 56 years. The above Alexander SLOANE died at St. John’s Dalry on 25th May 1883 aged 73 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 32
(Front) Erected by James MCCUTCHEON in memory of his children Ann who died at Cadgerhole 14th Feb. 1859 aged 19 years. Agnes who died at Cadgerhole 24th July 1862 aged 6 years. George & Jean who died in infancy. The above James MCCUTCHEON died at…

Kirkyard gravestone 33
(Small stone) Illegible.

Kirkyard gravestone 34
Erected in memory of William MCCULLOCH who died at the Ligget 17th Jan. 1862 aged 76 years. And of Jane FERGUSSON his wife who died in Carsphairn Village 10th Sept. 1864 aged 81 years. Also of Agnes their daughter who died at the Ligget 22nd May 1852…

Kirkyard gravestone 35
Erected in loving memory of James F BORTHWICK who died at Glen Muick Dalmellington 27th May 1909 aged 24 years. His mother Agnes FERGUSSON died at Port Mark 1st Aug. 1925 aged 78. His father John BORTHWICK died at Dumfries 6th Nov. 1942 aged 81…

Kirkyard gravestone 36
(Could this be lying flat on its face beside Schoolhouse wall?) Erected by James FERGUSSON in memory of his son William who died at Craigengillan 14th March 1859 aged 8 months. Also his son John, who died 8th July 1874 aged 18 years. The above James…

Kirkyard gravestone 37
Erected by Jean MCCUTCHEON in memory of her husband Samuel DOUGLAS who died at Dilduff 19th Nov. 1855 aged 40 years. The above Jean MCCUTCHEON died at Marscalloch 16th May 1880 aged 65 years. Also of James BAIRD grandnephew of the above who died at…

Kirkyard gravestone 38
In memory of Agnes PATERSON spouse to Alexander SLOANE who died at Dindeugh Dec. 1811 aged 65 years. Also Ann MCGILL his spouse who died at Delaran 13th Jan. 1821 aged 45 years. The said Alexander SLOANE died 4th April 1827 aged 80 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 39
Erected by Robert SLOANE to the memory of Jane CLEMENT his mother who died 8th June 1847 aged 67 years. Also James SLOANE, her husband who died 1st Nov. 1859 aged 83 years. He was schoolmaster at Carsphairn for the lengthened period of 48 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 40
Erected by Thomas MCCULLOCH in memory of Elizabeth MCTURK his wife who died at Burnfoot Carsphairn 20th Oct. 1859 aged 68 years. The above Thomas MCCULLOCH died in Carsphairn Village 14th Jan. 1882 aged 91 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 46
(Stone inside fence at wall) Erected 1838 In memory of Robert JAMIESON who died at Holm 26thJuly 1828 aged 52 years; Also of his daughter Mary Jamieson who died 13th July 1825 aged 8 years and of his son Samuel Jamieson who died 24th April 1830 aged…

Kirkyard gravestone - Martin
Erected by MARY FERGUSON in loving memory of her husband JAMES SIBBALD MARTIN who died 1st August 1932 aged 67 years. Also the above MARY FERGUSON died 27th November 1941 aged 78 years. Also their daughter ANNIE WELSH who died 6th Aug. 1949 aged 46…

Kirkyard gravestone 99
In memoriam. Richard YULE. Died at Dalshancan 4th April 1889 aged 71 and Winifred his wife died at Edinburgh 13th April 1881 aged 66 also Catherine Jane, wife of Charles YULE who died at Old Garroch 6th March 1901, aged 34.

Kirkyard gravestone 107
Sacred to this memory of the Rev. David WELSH born 5th July 1787 died at(sic) Minister of Carsphairn 22nd November 1869 after an incumbency of 36 years. Also Rebecca WELSH his sister who died at Dalmellington 1st June 1874 aged 73 years.

Kirkyard gravestone 113
Erected by John MCMORRAN in memory of his daughter Christina Thomasina MCMORRAN who died at Marbrack 8th June 1875 aged 22 years. They that seek me early shall find me. Also Adam his son who died at Marbrack 28th May 1879 aged 22 years. Also the…

Kirkyard gravestone 181
Erected by Thomas CAMPBELL in memory of his wife Elizabeth SLOSS who died at Holm, 10th Feb’y 1895, aged 62. The above Thomas CAMPBELL who died at Holm, 31st Dec’r 1903, aged 75 years. Also his daughter Jane CAMPBELL who died at Ayr, 6th Sept. 1955,…

Kirkyard gravestone 182
(3 Plaques within railed plot) (PLAQUE NEAREST CHURCH) In memory of James MACMILLAN of Changue, eldest son of James MACMILLAN of Lamloch, who died 15th Feb, 1873 aged 36 years. Also Samuel MCCOLL MACMILLAN, of Corriedow, third son, who died 12th Jan.…

Kirkyard gravestone 187
Margaret FERRIER ANDERSON wife of Rev. G.F.A. MACNAUGHTEN, born 7 April 1862 : died 6 June 1906. And George FERRIER ANDERSON MACNAUGHTEN - for 35 years minister of this parish born 4 Jan. 1855 died 11 April 1933.

Kirkyard gravestone 198
Erected by Alexander MCTURK to the memory of John his son, who died in infancy at Barlae, Dalry, 26th October 1837. Also of Robert his son who died in Bradford 20th December 1870 aged 25 years. The said Alexander MCTURK died at Barlae, on the 28th…

Kirkyard gravestone 201
MCADAM site (Inscription over gate) Burial place of the MCADAMS of Waterhead ancestors of John LOUDON MCADAM who invented the system of roadmaking now generally adopted & known by his name Gilbert MCADAM and his son James brother-in-law & nephew of…

Kirkyard gravestone 206
(Plaque on Church wall) In loving memory of Lieut. W.H. CATHCART, 3rd Batt. Worcester Reg’t born 3rd May 1880 died 7th Jan. 1902 at Mafeteng Basutoland South Africa while serving with 16th Mounted Infantry.

Kirkyard gravestone 207
(Plaque on Church wall) In memory of Robert Kennedy, Marbrack Carsphairn Trouper Kitcheners Light Horse who died in field hospital from wounds received at Klips Drift Paardeberg South Africa 25th February 1900. Charles KENNEDY, died of wounds…

Kirkyard gravestone 219
Erected by David MCMATH in memory of his son Willie who died at Woodhead Mines 1st February 1891 in his 10th year. Also his wife Matilda GIBSON who died at Woodhead Mines 12th August 1904 aged 58 years. Also his son John who died at Glasgow 11th Oct.…

Kirkyard gravestone 231
Erected in memory of Rodger DUNN, who was born at Benwhat, Parish of Dalmellington 1659. He suffered much persecution for the cause of Christ and was killed on the night of Carsphairn Fair June 1689 on the Farm of Brockloch. “Pluck’d from Minerva’s…

Place where David McMath died
David McMath died 23 – 25 December 1925

Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII
Leader Hughie Martin, Jimmy Martin, Alan Hunter

Wife & children of airman killed in crash at Brochloch
Back: Audrey, Michael & Lipiu Poppoff Dec 28 1952, Minneapolis MInn USA at Noel’s grave.

Grave in USA of airman killed in crash at Brochloch
Back: Noel Poppoff grave Nov 1952, Sunset Memorial Cemetry, Minneapolis, Minn. USA

Memorial to Thomas Jackson
Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of St Andrews, born Waterhead.
Gravestone in St Andrews Fife kirkyard.

Old grave, Carsphairn
R.G. G.G. Faithful Robert GRIERSON dothly beid this stone who in his life tyme was repufe and honest one religion he did awn when few H fernity is come where he is high advanced who died FE. H of Jyne 1699 aged 50 (sic).

David McMath memorial plaque
Gamekeeper, the Mines, who perished here in a snow storm, found 26th Dec 1925, after 3 day search

David McMath cairn at place of death
Plaque shown in photo 38

Inscription 1699

Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII
Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII

Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII
Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII

Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII
Dedication of additions to War Memorial WWII

View Carsphairn from memorial plaque to 4 men killed in Piper Aztec crash 28/9/75
View Carsphairn from memorial plaque to 4 men killed in Piper Aztec crash 28/9/75

Memorial to 4 men who died in Piper Aztec air crash, 28.9.75
Memorial to 4 men who died in Piper Aztec air crash, 28.9.75

Hunter Blair memorial on Dugland Hill 1993
Near this spot on 23rd May 1942 Pilot Officer David Hunter Blair aged 19, a Scot from Ayrshire was mortally wounded after parachuting from his Spitfire Mk VB AD 540 Blue Peter. He died that others may live - Lest we Forget - 1993

Kirkyard gravestone 126
Erected in the memory of Alexander MCLELLAN, carrier, who died 5 June 1894, aged 72 years. Also his daughter Grace who died in infancy 9 August 1862, aged 7 years. Also his wife Jean McAdam, who died 14 June 1910, aged 78 years. Also his daughter…

Kirkyard gravestone - MacMillan
In Sacred Memory of JOHN BARCLAY MACMLLAN who died 25th March 1933 beloved husband of ISABELLA CALDER who died 16th May 1985 and their son GEORGE BARCLAY McMILLAN who died 10th April 1990 beloved husband of EILEEN MAY CAMMON who died 19th January…

Notice from the 'Galloway News' on 4 November 1961
announcing the deaths of Miss Alice Clark Kennedy of Knockgray, Carsphairn and her brother Lt Col William Hew Clark Kennedy VC who died in Montreal

Kirkyard gravestone 171
(Plaque on wall) Here are deposited the remains of the Rev. Thomas CANNAN who was ordained minister of New Spinie 17th 1818 inducted to the care of the Parish of Carsphairn September 1826 and who departed this life universally lamented 10th…
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