Photographs - People


Photographs - People


The people and families who have lived and worked in the area. Persons have been named where their identities are known.

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Bob Martin
Back – Bobbie Martin ....... Carsphairn 1936

Hugh Martin, visiting Carsphairn ca 1968.
Back - Carsphairn. All these rocks Hugh cleared from above field

Johnnie Martin 18 months (appears younger than that)
Back – Johnnie Martin 18 mths. Eldest Child of Mrs James Martin (Senr.)

Ray and Bobbie
Back - Ray & Bobbie

Poppoff family USA
Father killed in B52 Bomber, 1952.

Back: Lipiu, Michale & Audrey Poppoff, June 1954 at Grand Rapids, MInn. The other little fellow with striped shirt on is my other son’s little boy. You will find Michael among the bushes in front!

Poppoff family USA
Father killed in B52 Bomber, 1952.

Back: Michael, Lipiu Poppoff, June 1954, Minneapolis, MInn. in a park. I like this snap-shot of them. They look like little tramps.

Mary Templeton and Mrs Liddle outside Clenoch
The handwriting on the photos is that of Mary Templeton (later Murray) of Moorbrock.

Brockloch Campbells
Jean, Minnie and Molly Campbell (L to R)

George Reid (Bath) & Mr Wilson headteacher
Laser copy. Father of George Renfrew Wilson, artist

Hastings Family, Culmark
David sitting in front of father, Thomas on left, Walter Hastings on right, Jean on right of Walter, Susan third form left at back, on right, Jenny.

Mrs Agnes Dickson
Lived in Carsphairn was married to Willie Dickson

PC McLellan with others
Probably on golf course about 1930

Bobby & May McLellan
The policeman's children

May McLellan
The policeman's daughter

George Duncan
Keeper, Loch Muck

Agnes McMillan
Aunt Agg in the shop before it was Hyslops. Laser copy.

Jeannie McMillan
The sewing mistress. Laser copy.

Mrs Thirtle
Mrs Thirtle sitting in the chair that saved her mother's life

Mrs Mary Murray  - Playing the pipes on her 90th birthday
Mrs Murrays funeral mirrored the life she led. Many family and friends gathered at the service in Moffat Parish Church, which was preceded by a service at her home near Crocketford. There was no organ music, the hymns were unacommpanied and her…

Carnavel; 6 men 2 dogs and a horse
David Mitchell, Alex Watson, David Sommerville (Aunt Mary Campbell's husband), George Mitchell, Petrie & David Mitchell Snr.

Ian Muir with dog
Consultant Engineer whose firm built the two new bridges over the river Deugh near Carsphairn, 1929-31

Shooting Party
L-R McMath, James, Goodyear, AM Cathcart, Hyslop. Sitting - FA Cathcart & Ernest. Copy from Cathcart Album

Ernie, Bobby & May McLellan
Children of the policeman

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lawson
Lived in Carsphairn and became a school teacher elsewhere

Jim Hough's wedding
Miss D Richardson, Mrs J McMillan, Mrs J Belford.

Mrs Hilda Martin with cow, The Crofts
Hilda Martin dressed as though she was going to a rodeo. Hilda and her family emigrated to Canada in 1950.

Miss Ida Buchanan with Willie Dickson as boy
Back: Back of Knowe. Very Breezy. Some Mother.

Four Martin boys, The Crofts
L-R Bobby, Michael, Tony, Douglas

15 women at a Rural dinner in hall 1956
Back Row L-R Mrs Jardine, (Marbrack) Miss Jessie Richardson, Miss Nicky Jardine, Mrs Caroline Bell, Mrs Nellie Stewart, Miss Kate Blythe, ?? Front Row L-R Mrs Agnes Thorburn, Mrs Mary Martin, Mrs Jean Bell, Mrs Sarah Hastings, Mrs Pringle, Mrs Bella…

Post Office staff
L-R Back row: Mr Sandy Borthwick (the Carsphairn Postmaster), Mrs Jessie Stewart (Postwoman, postie to Knowehead), Miss Agnes McMillan (Postmistress), Mr Wull Hunter (Postie at KNowehead). Front row: Mrs Betty McMillan, Mrs Mary Dickson,

Jessie Wilson & Mrs Clement
Both daughters of Mrs Wilson, Shiel

Mary Clement
Sister of Mrs Belford

Mina Belford
With dog called called Drift (Bardennoch)

Mr & Mrs Bob Buchanan
With car called 'Yellow Peril' in front of Granite House

Mr & Mrs George McMillan & Mrs Richardson
At Jim "Tuff" Hough's Wedding
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