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Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme


Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme


Carsphairn Parish is home to several key elements of the Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, which runs from Loch Doon in the north down the sea at Kirkcudbright.

Building work started in the 1930s, creating a huge man-made loch at Clatteringshaws and re-routing some of the water from Loch Doon which previously only flowed north to the sea at Alloway, Ayrshire.

As well as power station at Drumjohn and Kendoon North dam, the hydroelectric scheme collects water from rivers over a huge area in the north-east of the parish.

There is lots of information available on-line eg.

Power from Scotland's Lochs Galloway Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Kendon North Dam

CANMORE Bow Burn Dam Deugh Tunnel Intake and Dam Drumjohn Kendoon Dam North Kendoon Dam South Carsfad Dam and fish ladder.

Old photos of the hydro scheme. The iconic modernist building are listed: here and here.

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