Exhibition Leaflets


Exhibition Leaflets


A collection of the leaflets the Heritage Group produced to promote our yearly exhibitions.



Collection Items

Exhibition 2002 Leaflet
Glenkens Schools Over The Centuries

Exhibition 2004 Leaflet
A Carsphairn Family - 300 Years at Knockgray

Exhibition 2006 Leaflet
The Killing Times

Exhibition 2007 Leaflet
Carsphairn - The Sporting Life

Exhibition 2008 Leaflet
Kale, Cake and Cures - Our Kitchen Heritage

Exhibition 2009 Leaflet
Carsphairn - Coming Home

Exhibition 2010 Leaflet
Carsphairn Captured on Camera, 1885 - 2010

Exhibition 2011 Leaflet
Legacies From The Loft

Exhibition 2012 Leaflet
An Officer and a Gentleman - the Life of John Clark Kennedy 1918 - 2010

Exhibition 2013 Leaflet
Sheep and Shortbread - A History of Carsphairn Show

Exhibition 2014 Leaflet
Petticoat Tales - The Gentle Touch, Women of Carsphairn

Exhibition 2015 Leaflet
Carsphairn Kirk - A Church in the Heart of The Hills

Exhibition 2016 Leaflet
Local Tales and Legends ... and Spooky Stories

Exhibition 2017 Leaflet
These Four Walls, Building Memories of a Community

Exhibition 2018 Leaflet
One Hundred Years a Hero, Lt Col Willian Hew Clark Kennedy VC
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