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Photographs - Local Schools

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Kells School Group Photo
Front Row: Jack Paterson, Robert McGill, Cecil Roberston, Robert Johnson, Tom Robb, Jacky Martin, Billy Latimer, T McIntyre, W Walker, Eggar McNaught, Hugh Martin

Second Row: R Muir, M Stewart, Phyllis Bell, Lillias McWilliam, Mary Rogerson,…

Balmaclellan School Group Photo - Choir competition at Newton Stewart McMillan Hall - first in their class.
Back Row L-R: Margaret Robb, Fairly Wallace, Nan McAllister, Jean Robinson, Cathie Fergusson, Annie McLaughlan, Robert McCathie, Mr H D Walker (headmaster). Front Row: Robin Adair, Zona Scott, Jean Little, Mary Johnstone, Sam Corrie, Dorothy…

Carsphairn School group
L-R Margaret McMillan, Campbell McMillan, Isobel Carnochan, Diana Lawrence, Willian Fergusson, Ada Grierson, George Ashworth, Ina Bell, Elsa Stewart.

Carsphairn School Group Photo
Teachers: Mr Gall and Miss Garty
Back row - Lauchlan Borthwick, Willie Dickson, Jimmy McMillan, Jock Carnochan, David Murdoch, Bobby Howatson, Bobbie McLellan, Ernie McLellan.
Middle row - Molly Campbell, Ann Armstrong, Mary Stewart, Jean…

Carsphairn School Group
Back row L-R: Hugh Aitken, Jean McWhirter, Catherine Campbell, Jennifer McMillan, John/Alasdair Sinclair. Front row L-R: Wilma Richardson, Elsie McWhirter, FrankIE Henderson, Mina Bedford

Carsphairn School
Mrs Alner & Miss Black

Carsphairn School Group Photo
Carsphairn School, Mr Hugh Wylie Schoolteacher (1883-1900) x 4

Carsphairn School choir with the cup won at Newton Stewart, 1935
Back Row: Diana Lawrence, Campbell McMillan, Margaret McMillan, Billy Ferguson, Elizabeth/Isobel/Betty Carnochan

Front Row: Ina? Bell, Ada Grierson, George Ashworth (holding the Cup), Elsie Stewart

Note water tap at back door of school.

Schoolchildren with Miss Rennie
Back - Miss Rennie, Willie Dickson, Minnie Cambell, Anges McCutcheon
Middle - Mary Stewart, Nan Hutcheson, Jean Campbell
Front - ? Singleton, ?, Doris Singleton (Singletons are Headmaster's family)
March 1923

Elizabeth Laird
Carsphairn School Teacher 1933-36

Carsphairn School Choir pupils after winning The Hornet Cup at Kirkcudbright. The choir achieved 177 points from 200.
Boys: Campbell MicMillan, William Fergusson, George Ashworth. Girls: Di Lawrence, Betty Carnochan, Elsie Stewart, Margaret McMillan & Ina Bell

Carsphairn School Choir pupils after winning cup 1934
Boys: Campbell MicMillan, William Fergusson, George Ashworth. Girls: Di Lawrence, Betty Carnochan, Elsie Stewart, Margaret McMillan & Ina Bell and Teacher (poss Ms Laird)

Carsphairn School girls with garden tools
Standing: ??, Margaret McMillan, Betty Carnochan, Di Lawrence, Sitting: ?? Elsie Stewart, Lizzie Lawson

Carsphairn School boys in Garden of School House
George Ashworth, Billy Ferguson, Arnold Sharp, John Ferguson

Carsphairn School at Kirkcudbright when we won the cup for singing
L-R Margaret McMillan, Campbell McMillan, Isobel Carnochan, Diana Lawrence, William Fergusson, Ada Grierson, George Ashworth, Ina Bell, Elsa Stewart.

We sang “The Rowan Tree” and “Mary Morrison”.
Adjudicator Sir Hugh Robertson.

Carsphairn School Group Photo 1927 older children with 2 teachers
Male teacher could be Mr McCaig (1924-27) or Mr James Gall (1927-29) Female Teacher unidentified.

Carsphairn School Group Photo 1927 younger children with 2 teachers
Male teacher could be Mr McCaig (1924-27) or Mr James Gall (1927-29) Female Teacher unidentified.

Carsphairn School Group photo 1930
Back Row L-R: David Blyth, Billy Murdoch, Lauchlin Borthwick, ??, Jimmy Howatson, Thomas Fergusson, ??, ??. Third Row: ??, ??, ??, ?Rogerson, ?Alner, Bet Stewart, ??, Margaret McMillan, ? McCathy, Miis Black. Second Row: Miss Alner, ??, ??, Ada…

Carsphairn School Photo 1950
Back Row L-R Ben Welsh, Hugh Aitken, Jim Bell, John Sinclair, Alisdair Sinclair, Tom McGarva. Centre Row: Mary Welsh, Eileen Muir, Jessie McKay, Jennifer Mcmillan, Catherine Campbell. Front Row: Elsie McWhirter, Catherine Bell, Mina Belford, Jean…

Carsphairn School pupils taken on Show Day 1922 Teacher Mr Singleton.
Agnes Hutchinson & Mary Stewart missing as they were collecting golf balls in The Strand.
Standing: Colin Campbell, Ian Stewart, Duncan Munro, Doreen Trotter, ? Wallace, Bessie Stewart, Hugh Campbell, Peggy Armstrong, May Randall, Gewn Trotter,…

Mossdale School open 1872-1963
Mossdale School had two sites during its open years. The former is now 'Greenways' the later site is still known now as 'Schoolhouse'

Polharrow School Plaque
Plaque reads: "The Polharrow School built in rememberance of Marianne Ewart Kennedy who contributed her mite to its support AD1842".

Illustration 'The tin academy' (Meadowhead side school)
Taken from an autograph book belonging to Janet Duncan, teacher at Meadowhead School 1910-1914. The illustration was probably done by a pupil at that time. The hut can now be seen in Carsphairn Village.

Annie McGill Talman aged 17.
Former Teacher at Meadowhead Side School (1914-15). She re-trained as a nurse and was drowned on 11.7.1916 when a hospital ship on which she was serving was sunk by a torpedo. WWI

Bridge over The Deuch with The Moor House in background.
Children used this bridge to get to school, about 100 yards upstream.

Clatteringshaws School Prize Giving
Mrs Cole & Mrs Kelly, Billy Hewitson & Peter Kelly, Jimmy Cole, Mollie Cole, Margaret Sim, Jean Kelly and Kenneth Cole

The swing at Clatteringshaws School circa 1940
Loulu McGarva on the swing, Mollie Cole and James Cole, Kenneth Cole in front

Mossdale School group photo taken in late 1950's
Children include: H. McLelland, Arthur Kirkpatrick, John Halliday, J Simpson, Robin Halliday

Pupils at Polharrow School taken c.1935
Back Row Mina Pringle, Helen Bell, Next Row: Murray Russel, Jacky Robertson, Andy Bell, Next Row: Mary Roberston, Dougie Bell, Ian Pringle, Alistair Russel, In Front: Winnie Roberston

Kells School Group Photo 1929-30
Back Row L-R: J Latimer, C Jardine, William Martin, Doug Garmory, J A Latimer, W Plunkett, Jacky Webster, RM Garmory, A McKnight, David Wilson. Third Row: Jean McQueen, J Stewart, M Campbell, I McKnight, J Fraser, MJH Wilson, S Walker, MK McRobb,…

Balmaclellan School - Winners of the Festival of Music Kirkcudbright 1946
Back Row L-R: John Purdie, Margaret MacPherson, David Walker, Mr Walker (Headmaster), Jenny McKay, David Dewar, Nettie Gordon. Front Row: Duncan MacPherson, ??, Betty Purdie, Glyniss Fleming, Elizabeth Dickson, Jim Walker.

Balmaclellan School 1933-34 Group Photo
Back Row L-R: Arthur Greirson, Jessie Welsh, John Cornwallace, Ian Cummings, Alistair Corrie, Ned Welsh, John Clark, Tommie Corrie, Donald Cummings, Bob Clark. 3rd Row: Nancy Little, Mary Wilson, Betty Kerr, Cissie Cummings, Mary McAthie, Helen…

Balmaclellan School 1931-32 Group Photo
Back Row L-R: Ned Welsh, Robert Carson, John McAdam, Wullie Wilson, Peter Johnstone, Bobby Wilson, ??, Murray Smith, Gordon Clark. 3rd Row: Bessie Wilson, Peg Faulds, Jean Kirkpatrick, Jessie Wilson, Netty Carson, Mary McCallie, Helen Muir, Peg…

Balmaclellan School 1936 Group Photo
Back Row L-R: Mr H D Walker (headmaster), Robert McCathie, Alistair Corrie, Sandy Agnew, Ian Cummings, John Clark, John Cornwallace, Jim Kelly. 3rd Row: Margaret Robb, Martha McCathie, Anne Wallace, Peggy Cook, Ann McLaughlan, Sissy Cummings, Nan…

Craigmuie School Group Photo c.1920
BackRow L-R; ??, Tom Adamson, Hugh McMillan, Robbie McMillan, Miss Bain (Teacher). Front Row: ??, ??, Matlida Adamson, ??, ?? And the dogs.

Craigmuie School Group Photo mid 1920's
Back Row L-R: Hugh McMillan, ??, ??, Tom Adamson. Front Row: Robbie McMillan and unknown pupils from a private school. And the dog

Craigmuie School Group Photo c.1937
Back Row: Alec McMillan, Sammy McMillan, Sam McTeir, May Thomson. Mts Marshall (teacher). Middle Row: David McTeir, James McKnight, Bert McMillan, Nancy McKnight. Front Row: Annie McMillan, Alec McMilln, John McTeir, Margaret Galloway, Agnes McTeir.

Ironmacannie School 1840s
Henrietta Douglas nee Aitken in front next to Mother and Child who attended the School

Stroanfreggan pupils outside the school 1924
Back Row L-R: Jean Davidson, Bessie Templeton, Rab McFadzien, David Hastings, Jim Bell, Mary Wallace, Nan Hutchinson, Mrs Alexander (Teacher). Seated: Grace Templeton, Allan Wallace, John Todd, Gordon Brown, Bob Hutchison, Samuel Davidson, Jimmy…

Stroanfreggan School Group Photo 1957
Back Row L-R: Jenny Blackstock, Billy Smith, Catherine Pringle, Susie McMillan, David Cunningham, Mrs Coupar (teacher). Middle Row: Robin Tait, Billy McTaggart, Andrew Hogg, Maurice Blacklock, ??, Drew McTaggart. Front Row: ? Hogg, Olivia McTaggart,…

Dalry School - probable site
Now the Community Centre.

Teachers at Dalry School  1940-41
Miss Sutherland, Mr Singleton, Miss McQueen, Mr H Turner, Miss McNaught

Teachers at Dalry School 1971
Back Row L-R: Mr C Young, Mr E White, Mr K Redpath, Mr Mathieson, Mr W Lawrence, Mr McKillop. Middle Row: Mrs E Porteous, Miss A Sharp, Mrs Watson, Mrs L Thmpson, Miss Sinclair, Miss Jamieson, ?? Front Row: Miss L Lawson, Mr Needle, Miss Murdoch, Mr…

Dalry Primary School Group Photo 1928
Back Row L-R: David Coltart, Bobby Little, ? Brisbane, Quintin Bone, ??, ? Kirk, Ivie McMillan. Third Row: Margaret Ferguson, Margaret Wilson, Nancy McColm, Doris Singleton, ??, Mary Bone, Elma Wood, Florence Daziel, Jean Wood. Second Row: Chriisie…

Dalry Primary School Group Photo 1933
Back Row L-R: ? McGeorge, ??, J Lockerbie, S Dougan, ??, Miss Black (Teacher). Third Row: W McTurk, R McLauchlan, J Mitchell, ? Peacock, T McQueen, S Wood, B Bryce. Second Row: V Bryce, ??, I Mane, ??, ??, ??, V Peacock, ??, M McAdam, N Ferguson, N…

Dalry Primary School Group Photo 1933-34
Back Row L-R: all unidentified, Miss Black (Teacher). Third Row: ??, ??, ??, J Kirk, A Hunter, C McLeod, ??, ??, ??, Jean McQuiston. Second Row: ??, R McLauchlan, ??, ??, P Tait, M Ferguson, ??, N Little, ??, S Allison, ??, ? McQueen, G Peacock.…

Dalry Secondary School Group Photo 1929-30
Back Row L-R: Mr H Turner (teacher), K Bryden, Albert Dickson, ??, ? McColm, J Ferguson, ??, ? Dougan, Mary Allison. Middle Row: Jim Milligan, ? Kelly, Jean McKie, Isabel Crozier, ? Tyrnbull, Jean Kirk, John Coltart, Mr Singleton (teacher). Front…

Dalry School Group Photo 1932
Back Row L-R: ? Marshall, John McLellen, Jo McCulloch, Jim Steel, George Wood, Jim Dougan, Willie Ferguson, Miss Cromarty (teacher - Later Mrs Campbell). Third Row: Chrissie McCulloch, Dora Hamilton, Margaret Allison, Jean Stewart, Margaret Sawyers,…

Dalry School Group Photo 1935 (Silver Jubliee Year of their Majesties King George & Queen Elizabeth)
Back Row L-R: Roberta Dougan, Mollie McNaught, Nanct McColm, Peggy Hunter, Barbara Corson, Jean Wood. Front Row: Andy Peacock, Bert Milligan, Dorothy Doyle, Nancy Milligan, Ivie McMillan. Mr Turner (teacher)

Dalry School Group Photo 1937
Back Row L-R: J Wilson, S Allison, ??, ? Dougan, ??, ??, ?? Third Row: ??, ??, ??, P Tait, N Little, A Galloway, ??, M Ferguson, C McLeod, R McLauchlan, Mr Singleton (teacher). Second Row: ??, ??, J Kirk, D Ferguson, A Hunter, Mr McAdam ( teacher),…
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