Miscellaneous Documents


Miscellaneous Documents


Our collection of documents ranging from poetry and newspaper clippings to order books and receipts.

Collection Items

Newspaper clipping – music practice
" .. ears listen to John Park, Crossmichael, and ... ... Stroanfreggan as they try out a duet before class."

Newspaper clipping – Galloway and the motorist : Three New Bridges, October 9, 1928.
Caption: “Work has been started on the construction of three new Galloway Bridges – at Bridgend, north of Carsphairn; at Leggat, below Carsphairn; and at Polmady,half way between Carsphairn and Dalry (Galloway). Our photograph shows the present old…

Newspaper clipping - High Bridge of Ken
Caption: "A picturesque old bridge over the river Ken in Galloway"

Framed Certificate of appreciation to Miss Mary Templeton (Moorbrock), for services rendered in 1939
I WISH TO MARK, BY THIS PERSONAL MESSAGE, my appreciation of the service you have rendered to your Country in 1939.

In the early days of the War you opened your doors to strangers who were in need of shelter, & offered to share your home with…

Poems, a collection from Jimmy McGarva
1. Rainfall Poem written after 1917 by JGH
2. Lines sent by vermin killer re waistcoat, to steward of New Year Dance at Carsphairn
3. Reply
4. The waistcoats return
5. Loch Doon: The Gypsy's Prophecy by Muir Glen, writtne about the time the dam…

Sermon by Ned Stewart "Riches"
Winning sermon written by C E Stewart , in the time of Rev A McNaughton. A national competition, the prize 5 guineas, was won by the Carsphairn ? & preached in Edinburgh (just after Great War). Jim Reid’s grandmother Mrs Helen Stewart said that Mr…

Newspaper clipping – Green Well of Scotland

I NOTICED Mr Begg’s query about the Green Well of Scotland (August 1966). It seems to be the Green Well of Lagwine, on an estate in the parish of Carsphairn. The well is about half a mile from the ruins of the old mansion.…

Newspaper clipping – 1910 PC of sheep on Main St Carsphairn
This picture postcard is one of several souvenirs of the past sent in by a reader. And if you haven’t placed this rural scene yet then we can tell you that it is the village of Carsphairn as it looked over a century ago.

Glenkens Review
Feb 1978, Issue 1

Carsphairn Church Magazine, No 8
Rev Seivewright, Alexander Borthtwick

The Carsphad Murder Poem - author not known
Poem written about the story of the Murder at Carsfad, near Carsphairn

Research notes re: Carsphad Murder
Mr McInnes, nephew's research notes which accompany the Carsphad Murder Poem

Maps of the Carsphad Murder site
3 x hand drawn maps of the site

Dumfries & Galloway Standard Report of The Execution of Mary Timney
Last woman to be publicly hung in Scotland

Sermon preached at bicentenary communion service in Carsphairn Church on 5th July 2015 by Rev Dr David Bartholomew.
Service to commemorate the bicentenary of significant rebuilding of Carsphairn Church.

Bill for hire of horse
£3 for 3 months hire

Clothing Ration book
Charles Edward Stewart, Glenelg

Herds Dance Speech
At Lagwyne Hall. Speech by Thomas Fergusson (Knockengorroch) or his brother John Fergusson (Woodhead)

Carsphairn Drama Club Programme
"Welcome Uncle Joe"; "The Wee Comic"; The Masterfu' Wife" and "Foreign Affairs" x2

Receipt for Hall Hire
Agnes B Grierson, Lagwine Hall Committee

Record of collection made for Charles E Stewart (Postman)
on his retirement after 37 years by People of the Deugh

HM Forces blank letter
Pre-paid @a penny ha'penny

POW blank letter
Pre-paid @tuppence ha'penny

Newspaper cutting, Doris McNae's wedding
Scottish Sunday Express Glasgow September 6 1964

Wedding Picture Caption

The smile that has won pretty
Doris McNae many beauty titles. Now she has another title….
Mrs Andrew Dunsire.
Doris, from Glenmuick Farm, near…

Newspaper cuttings, Ayrshire Post
Two articles - “Century of Shepherding Marked”, “The Making of A Forest”

£1 honesty note
Anonymous donor

Dance programme, Carsphairn Shepherds Society (date unknown)
Dance Programme
Carsphairn Shepherd's Society

1 Truimph

2 Highland Schottische

3 Quadrille

4 Flowers of Edinburgh

5 Polka

6 Lancers

7 Meg Mersibers

8 The Waltz

9 Scotch…

Newspaper article re Martin family emigrating
The Martin family lived at The Crofts in Carsphairn Village. (2 articles, 1 original, 1 copy)

Locality of the stipend of the Parish of Carsphairn 1893
Modified 13th March 1893, Commencing with last half of crop and year 1892
1893, E Denholm Young, W.S.

Receipt to Rev. E Shaw from P C Findlay
Received from The Rev. E Shaw
the sum of One Pound seventeen
shillings & one penny being
stipend ductions from his Land
in Carsphairn Parish
for Crops & grassland.


Life & Work
Featuring Carsphairn Church interior

Programme 350th Anniversary of the Founding of Carsphairn Parish Church
Rev John Rr Miller (original & printers copy)

Blank letter head, George C McMillan
Joiner & Undertaker, Carsphairn

Poem “The Lass o’ The Garryhorn”
The Heritage Group received a copy of “The Lass O' The Garryhorn from Mr. Clark T. Campbell II who is the great grandson of the author of the poem. Mr. Campbell, who lives in Virginia( U.S.A.) writes that his romantic spirit identifies his great…
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