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Photographs - Leisure

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Burns Supper in Salutation
Text from back:

"Burns Supper in Carsphairn probably Salutation. Unknown date. Donated by Mrs Minnie McNae.

L-R David Coltart, Mrs Quintin Mitchell (sitting under vase), Willian Wallace, Mrs Lammie (partially hidden), Thomas Fergusson (next to…

Carsphairn Woman's Guild trip to Blairgowrie
Back row L-R – Mrs Templeton, Mrs McCutcheon, Miss Blythe, Mrs McMorran, Mrs H Bell, Jeanie Hewitson, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Murray, Mrs Jardine, Mrs McCreath, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Belford, Mrs Richardson, Minnie Tait, Jean Alexander.

Middle Row – Mrs…

Carsphairn Drama Club
Carsphairn Dramatic Club and Friends

B/row Mr T Edgar, Jas. Belford, John McKenzie, Jackie Hough, Bob Edgar, Ann Hastings, John Hastings

2/B Jessie Pringle, Willie Dickson, Arnold Sharp, Phil McCubbin, Nicky Cowan, Billy Fergusson, Sam Cowan,…

Carsphairn Drama Club
Carsphairn Dramatic Club 1954

Back Row: Mrs HSarp, Mrs Richardson, Mr McCubbin, Mrs J Bell, Mr G Wilson, Miss Jessie Hunter, Mr A Sharp, Mr S Pole, Miss Jessie Pringle, Mr J Hough, Mrs Pole, Mr C Campbell, Mrs Edgar, Mr S Cowan

Front Row: Mr W…

Carsphairn WRI
At table

Actors at unknown location
See also Photo_409

Actors  circa 1925
Jean McMillan (Mrs Ferguson), Mrs Betty McMillan, Annie Martin, Agnes McMillan (Postmistress), George McMillan.
Dress in our collection. See also photos 406, 407 and 408.

Burns Supper 1969, Addressing the Haggis
Addressing the haggis - Mr Willie Dickson; Piper - Mr Colin Campbell, Mrs Joyce Hunter Blair, Mrs Agnes Dickson

Burns Supper 1973,  Addressing the Haggis
L-R Mrs Peggy Murdoch, Mr Andy McCartney, Mrs Jeannie Belford, Addressing the haggis - Mrs Agnes Dickson, Mr Willie Dickson
2 copies (one large)

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Helpers in the kitchen

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Helpers in the kitchen

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Helpers in the kitchen
Clockwise from front L Mrs Sylvia Sinclair, Mrs Nellie Burnie, Mrs Mary Sharp, Miss Anne Rutherford, Mrs Joyce Hunter Blair, Mrs Margaret Richmond

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Helpers in the kitchen

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Helpers in the kitchen

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Top Table
L-R Arnold Sharp, Andy Campbell, Reverend David Bartholomew, Mr David Shankland, Mrs Anna Campbell, Mr Michael Dickie

Carsphairn Burns Supper 2000
Dr Shelagh Neil - replying to the Toast for the Lassies

Burns Supper 2006 – top table
L-R Mr Harry Monteith, Mr Andy McCartney, Mrs Fiona Wallace, Mr Robin Wallace, Mrs Anna Campbell, Mr Neale McQuistin, Dr David Bartholomew

Burns Supper 2010 – speakers
Burns Supper 2010 L-R Mrs Maybelle Thomson, Mr Donald Shamash, Darrel Wilson,?,Mr Peter Duncan, Mr Arnold Sharp, Mr Brian Edgar, Mr Andy McCartney, Mr David Finlay, Dr David Bartholomew, Mr David Gibbon

Burns Supper 2010 – Glenkens Choir Group
L-R Mr Ian Offin, Mr David Richmond, Mr Jim Sloan, Mr Ian Smith, Mrs Frances Scott, Mrs Frances Godfrey, Mrs Jean Mason

Burns Supper 2010 – Auld Lang Syne
Left side of table L-R Mrs Linda Wilson, Mr Ian Wilson, Mrs Janet Wallace, Mr William Wallace, Mrs Dorothy Faulds

The restoration of the curling pond
At Craigengillan, Dalmellington
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