Carsphairn Scottish Women's Institute (SWI)

Carsphairn SWI meets monthly in Lagwyne Hall Meeting at 7.30pm, on the third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise advertised.

We have a varied program throughout the year, including talks, trips, an open evening and our AGM in November.

Meetings and open meetings for 2018 are advertised on the calendar pages.

Annual Subscription - £21

Visitors - £2.50 per meeting

Please get in touch if you'd like more information about the group; we'd love to hear from you.

Current Office Bearers -

President - Mrs A Clark Kennedy

Vice President - Mrs S Seed

Treasurer - Mrs N White

Secretary - Mrs J Metcalf

Press Secretary - Mrs J Metcalf

Fed Rep - Mrs D Faulds

H&H Delegate - Mrs I Cuthbertson

Competitions - Mrs L Duncan

Magazines - Mrs N White

Email Carsphairn SWI Scottish Women's Institute website