Recreation Group

In 2016, CCT carried out a Community Future Plan consultation, in which they identified a need for recreational activities in the local community.

A sub-group, Carsphairn Recreation Group was set up to organise these.

In early 2017 we asked local residents what sort of activities they'd like to take part in and when they'd be able to attend. We collated the replies, looked at the viability of activities and worked to set-up those which were most popular and viable. Click below for the results.

Rec Group Survey 2017 - Results

Since then we have set up -

  • Weekly yoga classes with a trained instructor.
  • Photography For Fun sessions, run by an award winning local photographer.
  • Free Badminton sessions.
  • Quarterly Ladies' Nights.

We're open to any new idea, so let us know if there's something you'd like to take part in!

Current activities advertised on the front page of the community website, on the calendar pages and we put posters on the village notice boards.

Current Office Bearers -

Committee - Gail Challis, Lindsay Duncan, Kath Martin

CCT Representative - Karen Hall

To contact Carsphairn Rec Group for more information on existing activities or to request new ones, please email