Carsphairn Local Electriciy Discount Scheme (LEDS)

What is LEDS?

Carsphairn's Local Energy Discount Scheme (LEDS), is an initiative run by Carsphairn Community Council (CCC) to ensure that all full-time residents of our Community Council area are able to gain tangible benefits from the wind farms operating in our area.

The payments made under the scheme are intended to help alleviate fuel poverty and ensure residents are financially assisted in paying energy related bills.

How can I check if I can apply for a LEDS payment?

In order to qualify for a LEDS payment you must:

  1. Be a full-time resident of the Carsphairn Community Council district.
    To check if you are within the Council boundary please use the Dumfries and Galloway Council search.
  2. Submit a valid application within the annual LEDS scheme submission dates

LEDS 2020

The scheme is now closed for applications.

Eligible applicants will receive payment in December.

Submission Date

The closing date was 30th November 2020.

We are not able to process applications after this date.


The payment for 2020 will be £300. The payment will be made into your nominated bank account by electronic transfer.

We are able to provide payment by cheque if necessary but this costs additional time and money.

A new application form must be filled in to be eligible, even if you applied last year.

For more information about the scheme, please see the documents on this page.

Carsphairn LEDS logo

Useful Documents

Letter from the Community Council Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy

Who are we?

The LED Scheme is run by the Community Council and volunteers.

The Carsphairn LEDS Team would value any feedback you may have in regards to the scheme. Any comments made will be kept anonymous and will help the Community Council decide if the scheme should be run again, or extended, in future years.

To email your feedback to the LEDS team, please click here.