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Carsphairn Heritage Centre holds a variety of artefacts, some of which have been bought, but mostly given by those wishing to share their personal heritage.

Books: There is a collection including a variety of old books and modern publications all about the parish of Carphairn and the surrounding are of South West Scotland. Titles which are available to purchase can be found here.

Maps: Kirkcudbrightshire was one of the first counties to be mapped using the 6" Scale and there are the first maps of the locality on this scale. Other maps of varying age and scale are available for perusal.

Photographs: Several collections of photographs and slides depicting scenes, people, and a way of life now just a memory can be viewed. Our collection is being digitised and will become availabe in our Gallery.

Monumental Inscriptions: Detailed information on those in Carsphairn Churchyard is available plus a number of books on those from other parishes in the Stewartry.

Valuation Rolls: Several books covering specific years in the 19th Century for the whole of the Stewartry and specific rolls for Carsphairn and several other surrounding parishes are available.

Family Histories: There are always people willing to share their knowledge of our heritage and are available to assist you when you visit, either in person or by email. Click Here for a list of families for which we have detailed information.

Census Returns: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 are all available in a legible form, for example:

  • John Briggs abt 1811 Lead Washer
  • Alexr Cameron abt 1816 Lead Miner
  • Alexr Cameron abt 1821 Lead Miner
  • John Cameron abt 1821 Lead Miner
  • Elizabeth Clement abt 1833
  • Jane Clement abt 1811
  • Jane Clement abt 1837
  • Mary Clement abt 1835
  • Robert Clement abt 1811 Miner’s Labourer
  • John Crone abt 1791 Lead Labourer
  • Robert Crone abt 1828 Lead Washer
  • Angus MacMaster abt 1816 Lead Miner
  • James McMillan abt 1801 Lead Labourer

Births, Marriages and Deaths: The record of all births, marriages and some deaths from Woodhead Lead mines for 1841 - 1891, various entries from the old parish records from 1775 until 1855 and a miscellaneous collection of births, marriages and deaths from the parish are held here.

Church Records: There is a variety of source material on all the churches that have been worshipped in over the centuries. These include the Church of Scotland, The United Free Church and the Free Church at Lamloch where the leadminers from Woodhead used to worship.