Baking tins (3)



Baking tins (3)


Label reads: Baking tins used at Holm of Dalquhairn in 1940s belonging to Mrs Isa Murray now 99 1/2 (100 on 6th April 2012).

From Janette Montague:

They belonged to Mrs Isa Murray (nee Templeton) who used them at the Clenoch and throughout her long life. She lived to 104 years of age, born 1912 at Moorbrock. Her nephew Campbell Templeton Scott recalls

' Yes I consumed many girdle scones and pancakes over the years. I particularly liked her girdle scones with a nippy bit of cheese that she usually had. Her pancakes were more evenly shaped than Auntie Mamie's (her sister) and less fired, but I liked both. Her rock cakes were good as well.....the list could go on and on.... plain madeira cake, black bun at Xmas, fruit loaf.... and always a few cups of tea to wash it all down.'

Indeed when her grandchildren, nieces and nephews get together, these blue baking tins from the 1920s are still talked about and fondly remembered.




Janette Montague



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