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Kirkyard gravestone 67




Kirkyard gravestone 67


Erected in memory of Margaret SCOTT wife of Hugh WILSON who died at Knockingorroch 27th July 1886 aged 76 years. Ruth their daughter died at Kirkconnel 12th October 1834 aged 3 years. Hugh their son died in infancy in 1848. William their son died at Knochingorroch 11th May 1854 aged 15 years. James their son died at Christchurch New Zealand 21st August 1879 aged 16 years. The above Hugh WILSON died at Knockingorroch 30th Nov. 1895 aged 89 years. Also their son Thomas WILSON who died at Blackcraig, Corsock…… June 1911 aged 75 years. Robert their son who died at Nithsdale View, Thornhill 13th Feb. 1921 aged 77 years. Interred in Morton Cemetery. David their son who died at Nithsdale View Thornhill 31st March 1921 aged 69 years. Interred in Morton Cemetery.




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