McKay Family Tree



McKay Family Tree


The McKay family were in Carsphairn parish for over 100 years. Some of John McKay and Janet Welsh's descendants are listed in the booklet here and there is greater details on Alexander McKay their grandson who went to New Zealand in 1863 to become an eminent geologist.

He is perhaps the only Carsphairn man to have two natural features named after him - a waterfall (Alexander McKay Falls 115 metres high in Sixteen Mile Creek, a tributary of the Shotover River) and also the Alexander McKay cliffs a feature about 30km long forming the north wall of the Geologists Range in Antarctica.

His notes about his childhood years in Carsphairn gave a great insight into life in the community in the 1850s and include lots of names of other families living in the community as well as details of his childhood adventures. Extracts are included here. There are further extracts in Newsletters 59 - 63.





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