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The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright (Ed John Laird and D G Ramsay) and the County of Wigtown (Ed. M C Arnott), page 121-124

Dalmellington District p731-746

Parish of Air, page 18-44, Rev Dr Dalrymple and Rev Dr McGill

Parish of Damelingtoun, page 140-143, Rev Mr Duncan McMynt

Parish of Carsfairn, page 72-79, Rev Mr Samuel Smith
The Missing Cat; Donation Number One; Old MacDonald Had A …; Notice: AGM & Heritage Group Productions; Donation Number Two; Notice: Stewards Party; “Petticoat Rule – Women of Carsphairn”; Appeal: The Bakers of Carsphairn.

Notices: info from the Chair, Committee Members, Newsletter Index; Carsphairn School 1936; Advert for Schoolteachers, 1843; From the Old Statistical Account published 1791-1799; Simmer by Maureen Henderson.
“Cornerstones of Carsphairn”; Our guest speaker at the AGM in November was Gordon Riddle, Principal of Culzean Country Park; Notice: “Monuments, Memorials and Forgotten Buildings of Carsphairn”; Inheritance by Maureen Henderson; Extracts from the Old…
Notice: The Heritage Centre, Sponsored Walk August 29th, Gifts, Diary Dates; Kars Castle; Recollections and Reflections of a Grandmother; Ancestral Research; The First Statistical Account of Scotland Published in 1799; Spitfire Crash; Book Review by…
1891 Census. Occupations in Carsphairn Parish; The First (or Old) Statistical Account; July 7th 1951: B52 American Air Crash; Muidrochwood; Notices: Gifts, Heritage Centre, Heritage Group Events, Resignations, Apology; Obituary Mrs Catherine…
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