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RMC_21 Poem entitled %22Och Jock McKay was married%22.pdf
thought to have been written by Robbie Murray

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RMC_20 Poem entitled %22The Sang o' the Blackfaced Tup%22.pdf
thought to have been written by Robbie Murray

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RMC_19 Poem entitled %22Newton Stewart Tup Sale%22 written by Allan Ramsay.pdf
Allam Ramsey was a friend and co-worker of Robbie Murray

RMC_18 - Poem written by Robbie Murray to Allan Ramsay..pdf
Allam Ramsey was a good friend and co-worker of Robbie Murray

RMC_9 Poem - The Aul' Exiled herd's Request.pdf
Poem - The Aul' Exiled herd's Request - thought to have been written by Robbie Murray

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RMC_8 Poem - Dedication to my late dear friend Robbie Murray by Allan Ramsay..pdf
This poem was written by Allan Ramsey a fellow shepherd of Robbie Murray and a good friend

Rainfall in 1917 by JG H, Poem re waistcoat sent by vermin killer to steward of New Year Dance, Reply, The waistcoats return, Loch Doon: The Gypsy's Prophecy by Muir Glen, The Rhinns o' Bonnie Gallowa', Passing thoughts RMS "Corinthic" 7/10/1913 by…


Local Tales and Legends and Spooky Stories; From our Photographic Files; Letters from Carsphairn; Jenny wi’ the airn teeth.

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Rev John Semple of Carsphairn Part 2; Air Crew Remembered Campbell McIntosh McMillan; The Braes O’ Glenlee

List of Heads of Households, Carsphairn Parish in 1736; Some Stories Behind Carsphairn Show; Wee Tam’s First Day at the Kirk.
Heritage Centre Quiz; Carsphairn Captured on Camera 1885-2010; Miss Ida Hay McMillan; Stroanfreggan Walk (July 16 2010) by Robin Ade; Evacuees in Carsphairn; A Kidnapped Lass of Galloway by Ned Maxwell.
From the chairman – Carsphairn Coming Home Exhibition; Carsphairn Golf Club; The Myth of Tarmacadam; Plane Crash; Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; My Flight to South Africa by Sally Gilroy; Cold Comfort by Sue Wiseman.
The Carsphairn Heritage Map; The Galloway Words Competition continued; Christmas Shopping; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922; Notices: World War II at the AGM AGM; N(ice) try by Dalmellington curlers; Bells Bridge by Joe Dunthorne.
Rhoda Rugg (introduction); Old Schools and Schoolmasters in the Stewartry, Carsphairn; A Visit to Craigengillan Wednesday 18 August 2004; Notice: AGM; The Buffet Supper; A713 Tourist route.
Report from AGM; Jump on the Banned Wagon; Charles Wilson 1796-1872; Memories of Dundeugh, 1937 by Kenneth Dodgson.
Chairman’s Address at the Annual General Meeting 2001; Local History Week; Minorities & Memories, Survivals and Extinction sin Scotland and Western Europe; Notice: Wanted; Sewing Machine Hints; Filming the McAdam Story; 2001 A ‘Watch this Space’…
Chairman's Report 2000; Holiday Presents; Poem by William Findlay Dickson.
Spring Buffet; Visit to Eastriggs Heritage Centre; Carsphairn and the Boer War; Notice: Walks in 2000; poem; Snippet from the Diary.
Figuring it Out; Notices: new index; Chairman’s Report – 1998 Annual General Meeting; The Lending Library.

Notice: AGM; Summer in the Hills; The Annual Walk – Knockgray; Quintin McAdam’s Letters.
Notice: The Annual Walk; The Valley called Barbarusle; Notice: Heritage Group Productions; Ordnance Survey Notebook October 1847; Leadmine Walk at Black Craig; Outing to Woodhead Village and Mine (poem).
Exhibition this year “All About Ewe”; Notice: Wanlockhead; History, Heritage and Nostalgia; Notice: Summer Outing to Black Craig Lead Mine; Births, Marriages & Deaths at Woodhead Leadmine; Notice: Annual Walk; Through the Door – Carsphairn in Poetry.
Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Newsletter; Carsphairn to China; Notice: AGM; Almost a Centenarian; Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy; Notice: £25 Quiz Prize;
Notices: info from the Chair, Committee Members, Newsletter Index; Carsphairn School 1936; Advert for Schoolteachers, 1843; From the Old Statistical Account published 1791-1799; Simmer by Maureen Henderson.
“Cornerstones of Carsphairn”; Our guest speaker at the AGM in November was Gordon Riddle, Principal of Culzean Country Park; Notice: “Monuments, Memorials and Forgotten Buildings of Carsphairn”; Inheritance by Maureen Henderson; Extracts from the Old…
Chairman’s Notes; Notice: The Committee for 1993-4; Family Trees; Notice: Annual Subscriptions are now due; Stewards’ Questionnaire – Analysis of replies; Railways in Carsphairn Parish; Carsphairn (A)-Muses;
Chairman’s Notes; Carsphairn Revisited; Frontispiece: Peddy Train by Jane Abel; Endangered Speeches; The Change in Farm Names Over The Centuries; 100 Years Ago and 70 Years Ago (Extracts from Dumfries Standard); Ode to the Heritage Centre.
Notices: Wine & Cheese Evening, Heritage Trails Walks, Stop Press; Carsphairn in the Middle Ages By Daphne Brooke; “The “Auld” Bell’s Tale”; Communion Tokens; A Frame Project.
Notices: Summer Exhibition, Competition Winners, Request for Information, Rhinns of Kells Walk, Recipe Books, Old Time Dance, AGM and Talk, Membership; Kirkyard Find; Extract from the Dumfries standard 1859- 130 years ago; Farming objects; Excerpt…
Editorial Comment; Notices: Extraordinary Meeting, Membership Renewals, Heritage Trails, New Building; Incident at the Leadmines; Correspondence; Catalogue; Song request; Remembrance Poppies and Carsphairn; Lament for Brockloch by Lt Col. A. J.…
Editorial Comment; Notices: Wine and Cheese Party, Summer Visit to Waterside, Guided Walk to the Leadmines, The Leadmines (poem by Helen Campbell), Maps; Transatlantic Connections; Bardennoch Hill Walk; The Woodhead and Lamloch Trail; Nostalgia at…
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