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RMC_29 - Photo - John McCutcheon, Carsphairn Fiddler 1954.pdf
John McCutcheon was an accomplished musician (fiddler) from Lamford, Carsphairn. He was often heard playing at local events and dances. He was born in 1886 and would have played similar events to Robbie Murray.

RMC_25 - Music Score - Ken Valley - composed by Rev. H G Mullo-Weir, St Johns Dalry.pdf
Rev. H G Mullo-Weir was Minister during Robbies lifetime, this score was possibly played by Robbie

RMC_12 Photo of ceilidh Jo Miller, Robbie Murray etc.pdf
This photo was taken during a field study by Jo Miller visiting Robbie Murrays cottage. More information can be found by visiting the School of Scottish Studies Archive.

RMC_3 - Music Score - Polharrow New Brig by Robbie Murray..pdf
Piece of music written by Robbie Murray about Polharrow New Brig, close to where he lived and worked on the Forrest Estate

RMC_2 - Miss Jo Miller by Robbie Murray..pdf
A piece of music written by Robbie Murray for Ms Jo Miller (daughter of Rev. John Miller)
The Visitor’s Book; Notice: Spring Buffet Supper; A Fireside Conversation; Another one in the series ‘A Thousand Things You didn’t want to Know’; This year’s exhibition at the Heritage Centre; Notice: Heritage Group Outing.

Harmonica 'The Echo' boxed

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Gramophone 'His Masters Voice' wind-up with needles

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" .. ears listen to John Park, Crossmichael, and ... ... Stroanfreggan as they try out a duet before class."
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