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The Killing Times in the Glenkens; Have you ever seen a Carsphairn Red?; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922, Part III; Notice: Guide to the Sites of the Covenanters; Carved sandstone slab found in Carsphairn; Answers to questions set by a…
2006 Update; Advert: Autumn Buffet Supper; Window Tax: Waterhead and Lagwyne; The Killing Times – A Tour Around the Sites; Two Deaths in the Killing Times; Notices: AGM and The Stewards’ Lunch.

The Killing Times

The death of James McMichael

Drinking Vessel, belonging ot Sir Robert Grierson of Lagg (responsible for for the persecution of the covenanters from 1660 to 1685, from Garryhorn Farm.)

This booklet was produced by Members of Carsphairn Heritage Group in 1988. It illustrates the annual exbition displayed for two weeks in the summer of that year at Lagwyne Hall, Carsphairn
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