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The Scotch Draper; Peat Cutting; The first Carsphairn casualty in World War 1; Halfmark Conventicle.
Monumental Inscriptions Update; Carsphairn Show; Conventicle near the Palfern Burn, Clatteringshaws, Sunday April 28th 2013; The Coronation Celebrations Carsphairn news reported in the Galloway News on 6th June 1953; Memories of Carsphairn. John…
Carsphairn Coming Home; Furmiston Commemoration Walk & Celebration; Extract from the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; Conventicle at Marscalloch; A Welsh emigrant’s voyage to America in 1887.
'Postman’s Walk’ by John Herries McCulloch; It’s a Tough Language; Ownership of Carsphairn from 1509; Notice:Autumn Buffet Supper; The Lorg Conventicle.
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