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Stevensons Biddle for Carsphairn Carpet Bowling Club

Inkstand 'Carsphairn Draughts Club

Cup – Rev W R Sievewright – carpet bowling

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1897, Best Pen of Ewes and Lambs

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1890, Best Pen of Tups

Editorial; 49 Years with the Forestry Commission; Forestry in the Parish; Carsphairn Horticultural and Pastoral Show; Carsphairn Pastoral Society Semi Jubilee Show; Summer Outing; Old Worthy; Notices: Recipe Book, A Riddle, Ordnance Survey Maps,…

Notices: The Heritage Centre, Annual General Meeting, Fourth Sponsored Hill Walk; Heritage by A. S. Pook; Walter Blythe; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society.

Editorial; The Lass O’ The Garryhorn; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 2; Notices: Spitfire Search, Open Meetings, Second Summer Exhibition, Carsphairn during the Second World War, Office Bearers, Subscriptions, Further Diary Dates.

Carsphairn’s Geological Heritage; Notices: Recipe Book, Second Summer Exhibition – Carsphairn During the Second World War; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 3; Roots 93; Notices: Heritage Centre, Wine and Cheese Party; Sponsored Walk; Extract…

Notices: New Exhibition, Stewards, Spitfire Blue Peter, Fifth Sponsored Walk; Another view of the high walk; Low Level Walk; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 4.

Chairman’s Report on 2004; Precautions in an Emergency; The Mutual Improvement Society, Woodhead Mine, Carsphairn 1849-1850; How good is your language.

The 2006 season; Autumn Buffet supper; Campbell McIntosh McMillan (Flt. Sgt) 1914-1945; Carsphairn Total Abstinence Society; The Rhinns of Kells (excerpt)

The Chairman’s Report at the 2006 AGM; Cricket at Carsphairn; Appeal for ‘Carsphairn – The Sporting Life’; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805; Carsphairn Cricket Club

The 2007 Season; Cricket Match in 2008???; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society; The Dundeugh Birtwhistles; The winning sermon; The Autumn Buffet, September 2007; A Grocery List from 1803; The Seaton Family.

Kail, Cakes and Cures – Our Kitchen Heritage, the 2008 exhibition; Stroanfreggan Bowling Club – The Beginnings; Tales for the Barber’s Chair; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805 (letters); That Round The World Flying Trip in 1922, The Last Word;

Reflections of the Chair – by Agnes Holden; More Jamieson Letters; A Parable for 2008; Some Names in Carsphairn and their meaning; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society.

From the chairman – Carsphairn Coming Home Exhibition; Carsphairn Golf Club; The Myth of Tarmacadam; Plane Crash; Supply of Coal and Meal to Poor; My Flight to South Africa by Sally Gilroy; Cold Comfort by Sue Wiseman.

2014 exhibition; Carsphairn Shepherds Society; Rev John Semple; Rainfall, Galloway News 1915.

Mitchell Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

Forde Medal – Carsphairn Bowling Club

Carsphairn Dramatic Club and Friends

B/row Mr T Edgar, Jas. Belford, John McKenzie, Jackie Hough, Bob Edgar, Ann Hastings, John Hastings

2/B Jessie Pringle, Willie Dickson, Arnold Sharp, Phil McCubbin, Nicky Cowan, Billy Fergusson, Sam Cowan,…

Carsphairn Dramatic Club 1954

Back Row: Mrs HSarp, Mrs Richardson, Mr McCubbin, Mrs J Bell, Mr G Wilson, Miss Jessie Hunter, Mr A Sharp, Mr S Pole, Miss Jessie Pringle, Mr J Hough, Mrs Pole, Mr C Campbell, Mrs Edgar, Mr S Cowan

Front Row: Mr W…

See also Photo_409

Jean McMillan (Mrs Ferguson), Mrs Betty McMillan, Annie Martin, Agnes McMillan (Postmistress), George McMillan.
Dress in our collection. See also photos 406, 407 and 408.

RMC_13a Long Service Medal Robbie Murray 50 years.jpg
Presented to Robbie Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

RMC_14a Long service Medal Robbie Murray 30 years.jpg
Presented to Robbie Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

RMC_15a Long service medal David Murray 31 years.jpg
Presented to David Murray by The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland for long-service as a shepherd at Forrest Estates

At Lagwyne Hall. Speech by Thomas Fergusson (Knockengorroch) or his brother John Fergusson (Woodhead)

"Welcome Uncle Joe"; "The Wee Comic"; The Masterfu' Wife" and "Foreign Affairs" x2

Dance Programme
Carsphairn Shepherd's Society

1 Truimph

2 Highland Schottische

3 Quadrille

4 Flowers of Edinburgh

5 Polka

6 Lancers

7 Meg Mersibers

8 The Waltz

9 Scotch…


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