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Editorial Comment; Notices: Extraordinary Meeting, Membership Renewals, Heritage Trails, New Building; Incident at the Leadmines; Correspondence; Catalogue; Song request; Remembrance Poppies and Carsphairn; Lament for Brockloch by Lt Col. A. J.…
Notices: Summer Exhibition, Competition Winners, Request for Information, Rhinns of Kells Walk, Recipe Books, Old Time Dance, AGM and Talk, Membership; Kirkyard Find; Extract from the Dumfries standard 1859- 130 years ago; Farming objects; Excerpt…
Editorial, Opening Times, Rota, Frontispiece by Carol Cathcart; Mary Louisa Cannan – A Carsphairn Childhood 1826 – 32; Notices: Wine and Cheese Party, Sponsored Walk 1990 to Windy Standard; Woodhead Leadmine; Carsphairn School; The Old Bell.
Forestry in Carsphairn; Notices: The Annual Walk; The Woodhead Lead Mine by Anna Campbell; Notice: Visit to Dunaskin Visitor Centre; The 100th Anniversary of the Coming of Age of Frederick Adrian Cathcart occurs on 8 August 1994.
Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: Subscriptions; The Woodhead Lead Mine by Anna Campbell; Notices: Committee members, Newsletter binders, Photographic Competition 1995; Extract from Dalmellington Parish Bulletin July 1893; Timespan – the history of…
Notice: Annual Walk; From the Heritage Group Chairman; These Boots Were Made For Walking - Annual Walk; Appeal: Rescue Part date; The Woodhead Lead Mine; A Nineteenth Century Character Reference; Polmaddy Settlement from Forestry Enterprise, Castle…
Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: Subscriptions; David McMath died 1925; Chairman’s Report from AGM November 1995; Notice: Newsletter Index; Leadminers from Dunscore?; Notice: Committee Members.
Exhibition this year “All About Ewe”; Notice: Wanlockhead; History, Heritage and Nostalgia; Notice: Summer Outing to Black Craig Lead Mine; Births, Marriages & Deaths at Woodhead Leadmine; Notice: Annual Walk; Through the Door – Carsphairn in Poetry.
Notice: The Annual Walk; The Valley called Barbarusle; Notice: Heritage Group Productions; Ordnance Survey Notebook October 1847; Leadmine Walk at Black Craig; Outing to Woodhead Village and Mine (poem).
Visitor survey; We are Survivors (For those born before 1940); East Galloway Sketches; Woodhead Mine in 1888; Notices: AGM, SCAN website; comments from Visitor’s Book.
Chairman’s Report on 2004; Precautions in an Emergency; The Mutual Improvement Society, Woodhead Mine, Carsphairn 1849-1850; How good is your language.
My Mackay Family Roots; Type Cast; Woodhead Dog Cemetery?; The Shiel of Castlemaddie; My Search for the Hope Family (part 2); Recent Local Place Names
2013 season; Annual General Meeting; Walk to the Leadmines; Catstrand Talk; All the threes - Significant events in Carsphairn from 1723 to 2013; 1913 Carsphairn Show - extract from the Galloway News; World War 1 1914 - 1918
Copy from Cathcart album
Copy from Cathcart album

Large colour photo

Large colour photo

View of Woodhead Leadmines, Carsphairn

Samples of Minerals from Woodhead Leadmine

10" long metal shaft with square ends & bits bolted on loosely, prob. from mine

The censuses for the leadmine for this period have been extensively examined by Megan Hastie whose forebears lived and worked there. She has gone through each of the three censuses and picked out the Hasties, Whitfields, Mitchells, McDonalds, Marrs,…

Woodhead Lead Mine Site - flue

Woodhead Leadmine site - smelter & chimney

Woodhead Leadmine site - back of smelter & flues

Woodhead Leadmine site - Office Row from above

Woodhead Leadmine site - two air shafts, school and office row

Woodhead Leadmine site - above chimneys over smelter house

Woodhead Leadmine site - from spoil heap area up to Office Row

Woodhead Leadmine site - from above Office Row on track up to Woodhead Farm

Woodhead Leadmine site - air shaft over smelter, Mill Row to Carsphairn

Woodhead Leadmine site - back of smelter with flues

Woodhead Leadmine site - above track to top of mine across to Bow

Woodhead Leadmine site - near adit at top across to Office Row

Woodhead Leadmine site - from reservoir up to School & Office Row

Woodhead Leadmines - gable end of Low Row - the only two storey property - guided walk by David Brown 1980's

Woodhead Leadmines - side of School Building - guided walk by David Brown 1980's

Woodhead Leadmines - looking down toward the Smelters Houses - guided walk by David Brown 1980's

Woodhead Mine - Notelet Design 2003

taken from 1987 Exhibition - Woodhead Leadmines

taken from 1987 Exhibition. - Woodhead Leadmines

taken from 1987 Exhibition - Woodhead Leadmines

Plan of Woodhead including portions of the adjacent farms in the Parish of Carsphairn, Property of the Honourable Mrs MacAdam Cathcart of Craigengillan. Surveyed by A E Thomson, Ayr 1838.
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