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Chairman’s Report for 2010; Marie Mackay’s Earliest Reminiscences of Carsphairn from outbreak of WWII and evacuation; Carsphairn Church (appeal form David Richmond); Mr David Kirk and the Galloway Power Scheme.
Heritage Centre Quiz; Carsphairn Captured on Camera 1885-2010; Miss Ida Hay McMillan; Stroanfreggan Walk (July 16 2010) by Robin Ade; Evacuees in Carsphairn; A Kidnapped Lass of Galloway by Ned Maxwell.
Chairman’s Report 2009; Some Gaelic Place-Names along the southern section of the pack road (between Carnavel and Polmaddy) in Carsphairn Parish; The experiences of a Land Girl.
Chairman’s Report on 2005 AGM in November; Carsphairn Parish Church Sunday School 1895; Round the World Flight Attempt in 1922 – Part 2; World War II at the AGM last November.
Chairman’s report from the 1999 AGM; Here’s another one among “A thousand things you didn’t want to know”; Further recollections of the Concert in Lagwyne Hall after WWII by Nan Gibson; Appeal: newsletter contribution.
The Concert at Lagwyne Hall Carsphairn just after WWII; Notice: AGM; Bin there, done it all; The Annual Walk – Bardennoch Hill; Mysterious Occurrent at Carsphairn; The jars of Carsphairn.
The 1999 Exhibition; Notice: The Spring Buffet Supper; Recollections of Hydro Electricity Coming to Carsphairn by Willie Dickson; Place Names – Changes Over the Centuries; The Magical Rowan Tree; Sheep may Safely Braise; Traffic in Carsphairn during…
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