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Back: Rev Barclay, Carsphairn Free Church
Rev Thomas Barclay
Minister James Allan
From Photo Album (Photo_523) and referred to in doc CHG_34.

Congregation standing outside

Pew numbers from Free Kirk, Dalry

Famous Glenkens People – Robert Milligan; Answers to Quiz; Was Rev C.H. Dick ever United Free minister in Carsphairn?; “Who are You?”.
2007 AGM Report; Carsphairn U.P. Church Christmas Treat; Cross Keys Inn, Carsphairn; Remembrance Day 2007; The Glencairn Memorial Book
“Provisioners” Past and Present by Hugie Adamson; Windy Standard Windfarm; letters from UF Manse, 1908; Notice: The 1996 AGM.
Chairman’s Notes; Carsphairn Revisited; Frontispiece: Peddy Train by Jane Abel; Endangered Speeches; The Change in Farm Names Over The Centuries; 100 Years Ago and 70 Years Ago (Extracts from Dumfries Standard); Ode to the Heritage Centre.
Notice: The Heritage Centre, Sponsored Walk August 29th, Gifts, Diary Dates; Kars Castle; Recollections and Reflections of a Grandmother; Ancestral Research; The First Statistical Account of Scotland Published in 1799; Spitfire Crash; Book Review by…
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