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Article by Richard Genner detailing the inhabitants of the Shiel from 1841 - 1901

Shiel of Castlemaddie Bothy; A Landscape Full of Secrets; Extract from the Report of the Proceedings at the Institution of “The Muir Scholars’ prizes Fund” in connection with the Free Endowed School Dalry (Thursday 16th August 1866); Celtic Crosses;…
My Mackay Family Roots; Type Cast; Woodhead Dog Cemetery?; The Shiel of Castlemaddie; My Search for the Hope Family (part 2); Recent Local Place Names
My Search for the Hope Family (Part 1); Shiel of Castlemaddie; Carsphairn Reminiscences 2 (1940).
Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Newsletter; Carsphairn to China; Notice: AGM; Almost a Centenarian; Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy; Notice: £25 Quiz Prize;
Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Galloway Forest Park – Saturday 13th September; Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897; Notices: Telephone at the Centre – The Heritage Centre now has a telephone, New…
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