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This folder refers to the Sitons and Seatons of Tynron, Dumlriesshire and the James Seaton Family of Penpont (referred to in Seaton (3) and the Robert Seaton Family of New Abbey, Kirkcudbrightshire.


This folder refers to the Seatons of Chanlockhead, a remote farm some distance from Penpont in Dumfriesshire.

‘The first page of the folder sets the scene for the story of this branch of the family and at the end there is a family tree.



This folder covers the family of John Seaton (1802/5 — 1861) who was born in Carsphairn but went to Breconshire in South Wales where he became firstly a tea dealer and grocer and later a bailiff and sheriff's officer.

John was a grandson of John…


This is a compilation of papers’ relating to the Seaton/Siton/Sittlington family that have been given to us over the years by several branches of the family.

There are four folders relating to this family.

In this one there is most detail for…

The 2007 Season; Cricket Match in 2008???; Carsphairn Mutual Improvement Society; The Dundeugh Birtwhistles; The winning sermon; The Autumn Buffet, September 2007; A Grocery List from 1803; The Seaton Family.
Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Newsletter; Carsphairn to China; Notice: AGM; Almost a Centenarian; Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy; Notice: £25 Quiz Prize;
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