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Rev J R Miller, Mrs (Granny) Belford (100th Birthday) & Mr Alexander (former Reverend)

RMC_30 - Programme - Retiral Social & Presentation to Rev. John Miller MA.BD.pdf
Programme for the event of Rev John Miller Retirement - Rev. Miller would have visited Robbie at home during is later years.

RMC_28 - Photo - Heritage Group Exhibition at Lagwyne Hall 1987. Bridgette Miller (signing book), Rev. John Miller (Minister Carsphairn 1972-92), Willie Dickson (late of Carsphairn), Mina Wilso (late of Furmiston).pdf
Bridget Miller (signing book), Rev. John Miller (Minister 1972-92), Willie Dickson (of Carsphairn) and Mina Wilson (of Furmiston). The same year as Robbie's death.

RMC_27 - Programme - 350th Anniversary of the founding of Carsphairn Parish Church - Rev. John J Miller.pdf
Rev. John Miller was Minister of the parish during Robbies later life and visited him many times at home before his death 1987.

RMC_26 - Dance Card for Carsphairn Herd Dance 1938.pdf
Given to Jo Miller in the 1980's by Ben Welsh, singer who herded at Carsphairn, and lived latterly at Holywood, Ayrshire. Ben was on the committee which re-started the Herds' dance after it had lapsed. Robbie Murray would probably have attended/…

RMC_12 Photo of ceilidh Jo Miller, Robbie Murray etc.pdf
This photo was taken during a field study by Jo Miller visiting Robbie Murrays cottage. More information can be found by visiting the School of Scottish Studies Archive.

RMC_2 - Miss Jo Miller by Robbie Murray..pdf
A piece of music written by Robbie Murray for Ms Jo Miller (daughter of Rev. John Miller)
The Winter of 2013/14 in Carsphairn; Mary Timney – The Road to the Gallows by Jane Baldwin; A visit to Brochloch; Carsphairn 1745; Obituary Rev John Miller; Titbits from The Galloway News 24 December 1960 Rural Round: Carsphairn
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