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The tragic death of David McMath

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This booklet was produced by Members of Carsphairn Heritage Group in 1988. It illustrates the annual exbition displayed for two weeks in the summer of that year at Lagwyne Hall, Carsphairn

This is the family tree of James McMath born c 1788 and his wife Margaret McMillan born c 1790.

There is a photograph displayed of David McMath in Loch Doon Castle when it was on the island. He was born at Woodhead leadmine in 1843 and lived there…

Plaque shown in photo 38
Gamekeeper, the Mines, who perished here in a snow storm, found 26th Dec 1925, after 3 day search
L-R McMath, James, Goodyear, AM Cathcart, Hyslop. Sitting - FA Cathcart & Ernest. Copy from Cathcart Album
David McMath died 23 – 25 December 1925

Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: Subscriptions; David McMath died 1925; Chairman’s Report from AGM November 1995; Notice: Newsletter Index; Leadminers from Dunscore?; Notice: Committee Members.
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