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Notice: AGM; A Generation of MacMillans 1874-1965; U.S.And THEM; More music in Carsphairn area by Mrs Peggy Hutchinson.
Back row L-R – Mrs Templeton, Mrs McCutcheon, Miss Blythe, Mrs McMorran, Mrs H Bell, Jeanie Hewitson, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Murray, Mrs Jardine, Mrs McCreath, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Belford, Mrs Richardson, Minnie Tait, Jean Alexander. Middle Row – Mrs…

RMC_29 - Photo - John McCutcheon, Carsphairn Fiddler 1954.pdf
John McCutcheon was an accomplished musician (fiddler) from Lamford, Carsphairn. He was often heard playing at local events and dances. He was born in 1886 and would have played similar events to Robbie Murray.
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