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Visitor survey; We are Survivors (For those born before 1940); East Galloway Sketches; Woodhead Mine in 1888; Notices: AGM, SCAN website; comments from Visitor’s Book.
Chairman’s report from the 1999 AGM; Here’s another one among “A thousand things you didn’t want to know”; Further recollections of the Concert in Lagwyne Hall after WWII by Nan Gibson; Appeal: newsletter contribution.
The Concert at Lagwyne Hall Carsphairn just after WWII; Notice: AGM; Bin there, done it all; The Annual Walk – Bardennoch Hill; Mysterious Occurrent at Carsphairn; The jars of Carsphairn.
Notice: Annual Walk; From the Heritage Group Chairman; These Boots Were Made For Walking - Annual Walk; Appeal: Rescue Part date; The Woodhead Lead Mine; A Nineteenth Century Character Reference; Polmaddy Settlement from Forestry Enterprise, Castle…
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