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RMC_28 - Photo - Heritage Group Exhibition at Lagwyne Hall 1987. Bridgette Miller (signing book), Rev. John Miller (Minister Carsphairn 1972-92), Willie Dickson (late of Carsphairn), Mina Wilso (late of Furmiston).pdf
Bridget Miller (signing book), Rev. John Miller (Minister 1972-92), Willie Dickson (of Carsphairn) and Mina Wilson (of Furmiston). The same year as Robbie's death.
Near Willie's cave
Willie Dickson as youngster

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Lived in Carsphairn was married to Willie Dickson

Black and white
Chairman's Report 2000; Holiday Presents; Poem by William Findlay Dickson.
The 1999 Exhibition; Notice: The Spring Buffet Supper; Recollections of Hydro Electricity Coming to Carsphairn by Willie Dickson; Place Names – Changes Over the Centuries; The Magical Rowan Tree; Sheep may Safely Braise; Traffic in Carsphairn during…
Update by Chairman; Gifts; The Medical Pocket Book; William Campbell letters; Carsphairn Heritage Walk August 1994; Notices: The AGM, The Reference Section at the Heritage Centre, Newsletter Index.
Editorial Comment; Notices:Signpost leaflet dispensers and waymarkers, Competition, Summer Exhibition, Fundraising Events, Recipe Book, Summer Outing, Gifts; Carsphairn Post Office 1968 – 1989 by Agnes s Dickson; New Galloway to Carsphairn by Coach;…
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