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Plan of Properties for 1919 auction

Plan of Properties at Carsphaim for 1919 auction
Photo by Karyl Richards (great grandaughter Robert McAdam)
Kail, Cakes and Cures – Our Kitchen Heritage, the 2008 exhibition; Stroanfreggan Bowling Club – The Beginnings; Tales for the Barber’s Chair; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805 (letters); That Round The World Flying Trip in 1922, The Last Word;
The Chairman’s Report at the 2006 AGM; Cricket at Carsphairn; Appeal for ‘Carsphairn – The Sporting Life’; Quentin McAdam of Craigengillan d. 1805; Carsphairn Cricket Club
Rhoda Rugg (introduction); Old Schools and Schoolmasters in the Stewartry, Carsphairn; A Visit to Craigengillan Wednesday 18 August 2004; Notice: AGM; The Buffet Supper; A713 Tourist route.
New Iron Field in Scotland; Trip to Carsphairn in 1888; Notice: A Visit to Craigengillan; Australia 2004; Sue Wiseman – A Carsphairn Resident; Notice: Autumn Buffet Supper; In Praise of the Glenkens by James McWhir; Notice: CD Rom Streams of the…
Notice: AGM; Alexander Frederick McAdam of Craigengillan born 10/10/1864 died 08/01/1901; The Great Carsphairn Drought; Local Places surveyed in 1848;
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