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Cast-iron girdle.


Map of the location of graves and memorials in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

List of inscriptions on memorials and graves in Carsphairn Kirkyard.

Text from back:

"Burns Supper in Carsphairn probably Salutation. Unknown date. Donated by Mrs Minnie McNae.

L-R David Coltart, Mrs Quintin Mitchell (sitting under vase), Willian Wallace, Mrs Lammie (partially hidden), Thomas Fergusson (next to…

Front Row: Jack Paterson, Robert McGill, Cecil Roberston, Robert Johnson, Tom Robb, Jacky Martin, Billy Latimer, T McIntyre, W Walker, Eggar McNaught, Hugh Martin

Second Row: R Muir, M Stewart, Phyllis Bell, Lillias McWilliam, Mary Rogerson,…



Reverse - Miss Galloway

Black & White

Knowehead as a Post Office

Carsphairn Parish Church Manse House, The Rev. McNaughton at door

Old Mortaility, Balmaclellan

Postcard showing images of Carsphairn.
Reverse shows: Carspairn postmark. One penny stamp 1/9/19

Transcript To Mrs McNaughton, Viewbank, Craigie, Perth'
I arrived safely after a very nice journey. It was beautiful all the way. I've . .ised…

Postcard of Marscalloch showing where the dam and water level now sits. Cairnsmore of Carsphairn in the background.

Back: Mr Wright, Marscalloch, 1953
'That dark wood was cut down, and now forest trees on 3 sides of us (15 years old). I think…

Back: Mr Wright, Marscalloch

Knockgray, Carsphairn. Postmark 7.8.09 Carsphairn + Dalry

Transcript To Miss B. Wilson, c/o Mrs Fergusson, Bower Cottage, Prestwick
'D.B. just a postcard to say George is still keeping better. He has been up through the day for two days.. He is…

Dalmellington from Knoweview

Dalmellington postmark 23/10/1911
Transcript To Master G. Wilson, The Schoolhouse, Carsphairn
'Got here all right. I got some rain but was hardly wet. Tell Robie I will send him a card the next and kiss Jessie for…

Dalmellington , Main Street showing garage children and people.

Dalmellington postmark 31.11.10 (George V stamp)
Transcript: 'To Master R. Wilson, The Schoolhouse, Carsphairn
'31/10/10 I got down all right but was soaked. I got no rain till I…

George Paton (senior), shepherd, dipping sheep

George Paton Junior and Senior, clipping

George Paton Senior, shepherd. Mrs Craig's farm.

Entrance road to Dalshangan, Carsphairn showing the Gate Lodge

Lamloch, Carsphairn

View of Carsphairn Golf Course from Carnavel / The Liggate


Main Street, Carsphairn Village taken from the East

Postmark Dalry 21.7.1909.
Transcript 'To Robert Brough, Karsphairn, Blairgowrie.
My Dear Robert, You will have had many a good spin on your bicycle. I have been cycling every day, and am going…

In the Bank Wood Carsphairn

View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East showing The Salutation Hotel

Postmark Carsphairn.
To Mrs Blythe, Kenilworth & Mastyn Hotel, Wilmington Square, Eastbourne, Sussex
Transcript 'B/P 6/5/1965 Thanks for card just received. It's…

View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East

Knockgray Carsphairn showing The House

View of Woodhead Leadmines, Carsphairn

View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from East showing The School House



There are two family trees included here. One starts when James Affleck married Agnes Chapman at Crawfordjohn in 1791 and follows the line through Agnes Affleck, the daughter of James Affleck and Janet Murdoch. The second follows other descendants of…

Boeing KB-29P 44-83950, Brockloch

Both these families were related to the Hastie family and it is again thanks to Megan Hastie for her research.

Their history focuses on the story of families who moved around for work with the aim of gaining a better life. They came to Carsphairn…

The information on this family starts with Robert Germerie who married Isobel Wilson in 1758. Some of the information focuses on Fergus Clement highlighted on the family tree who emigrated to Australia. The fascinating story of his descendants…

The descendants of William Gilchrist (1789 — 1851) are noted. His son Robert, whose marriage certificate is included went to Breconshire in South Wales to work for John McTurk’s family who owned a large estate there. William’s daughter Janet’s…

The Good family were in Carsphairn as far back as 1714.

There are three separate family trees for Thomas Good (1755), Adam Good (1813) and William Gilchrist and Margaret Good.

There is intermarriage between the Good family, the Hope, Hunter and…

This rich collection of material about this family comes mainly from Australian sources which is hardly surprising given that eight of the nine children who reached maturity went to either Australia or New Zealand.

Their father who was a carter in…

Megan Hastie has done some superb research into her ancestors who worked at the Woodhead leadmine. Her Hastie family came there near the beginning of the lead mining operations in 1839 and they were joined by many of their friends and relatives, also…

The papers here are extracted from the Old Parish Registers, census records from 1841 to 1901and marriage and death registrations. Details of the descendants of James Hunter and his wife Isabella McCartney are included.

There was a lot of…

Jamieson letters.

1,400 letters are stored in the family office at the farm in Western Victoria. These come mainly from members of the family in Scotland to Robert and William, the two brothers who went to Australia.

These letters have been read…

This family who lived at the Mine spread themselves far and wide. Alexander Martin 1808-1871 married Christina Park 1798-1867 a woman ten years older than himself.

Out of their 11 children the first two died in infancy, the first being born when…

The descendants of Alexander MacCaul and Margaret Williamson are given here with a focus on Margaret McCall, their granddaughter who married William Lammie. Their descendants are listed.

Birth, marriage and death registrations of Thomas,…

This information on the McCormick family is primarily a collection of gravestone inscriptions in Carsphairn Kirkyard together with some 1871 census extracts from the Glenkens parishes with correspondence regarding missing links in the family tree.

Within our card index containing records of the leadminers there are 17 McDonalds whose lives are linked with the Mitchell, Bone and Hastie families. Again Megan Hastie has kindly allowed us to use her research notes.

Within these the name Sophia…

Three generations of the McGill family lived in Carsphairn from before 1841 until after 1881 but not a great deal is known about them and we would welcome more information.

Thomas McGill, his wife Mary Douglas and son Archibald are all buried in…

James McTaggart was born in Carsphairn but probably left as a young man as he married in the parish of Tynron in 1839. From then the family moved to Ayrshire and most of these records relate to the parish of Barr. The Laing family is also included…

Peter Milroy and his wife and nine children came to the village when he was appointed as policeman in the early1890s. The family played a big part in village life for the next 30 years or so.

Some of the boys were very keen sportsmen as they took…

“Pursued” - Post-chaise

Carpshairn sports - Sack race probably on Show Day


Bank Wood, Carsphairn

Tinkers Loup, Tinkler's Loup, Carsphairn

On the Deugh, Lagwind, Carsphairn

Tinkler's Loup, Carsphairn also known as Tinker's Loup.

Postmark Dalry 15.7.1909
To Mr Chas Macmillan, Garroch Mills, New Galloway
Transcript 'Dear Charlie, I was quite heart broken not getting down with you in the trailer on Monday morning.…

Composite of Images, Carsphairn and Area showing: Kells Range, Moniaive Road, River Deugh

Postmarked Carlisle, 5th July 1965?
Mrs Margaret Brown, St Michaels Hospital, Linlithgow, West Lothian.
Transcript: Back in the north again! Hope you…

Power Stations & Dams, Dalry including Ken Doon, Earlstoun, Glenlee, Carsfad

Head of Loch Doon

Tinkler's Loup in colour

Postmark Dalry 22.5.1911
To Mr Arch. Waddell, Eastcroft, Larbert, Stirlingshire
Transcript 'Had your letter alright. Aunt J. wants you to do as you proposed as we have time enough now. We will write you later on. Jannie…

Tinker's Loup in black and white

Postmark New Galloway 1930s
To Miss J. Anderson, The hostel, Kirkcudbright
Transcript 'Dear Jean, Thank you for the skipping rope hope you are well all well here. Love from Jean.'

Carsphairn sports, high jump, probably taken on Show Day


Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the West showing Sheep down street, 2 copies

Card 1 -
Postmark Kirkcudbrightshire SP 24
To Miss M Callander, High Street, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire.

Card 2 -
Postmark Carsphairn 25.8.1908
To Mrs A.B. Cape,…

Back: "To Mr Milroy, Carsphairn, Dalry.
showing Edward VII stamp
Transcript: 54 Albert Edward Road, Kensington, Liverpool, c/o Mrs Gibson.
Alex sent his postcard and put no address on it. His address is: c/o Mrs Clark, 52 Albert Edward Road.


Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East showing The Salutation Hotel, 13.6.1904

War Memorial and Golf Course, Carsphairn

Galloway Dry Stone Wall Dyker

Main Street, Carsphairn North End

These papers chronicle the story of Richard Park whose connection with Carsphairn was probably relatively shortlived but it is a fascinating story of upward mobility in Victorian times in the Glasgow area.

Richard is in the Woodhead leadmine…

Details of the nine children of James Weir and Ann Menzies including intermarriage with the Paterson family can be found here. Three of the nine children went to America and one, Robert fought in the Civil War.

The Weir family originally came…

Erected by Hugh MCCULLOCH, in memory of Agnes CLELLAND, his wife, who died at Burnfoot 4th February 1856, aged 40 years. John their son died at Carsphairn Village 14th December 1886, aged 35 years. The above Hugh MCCULLOCH died at Carsphairn 18th…

Erected by William GILCHRIST, in memory of his father James GILCHRIST who died at Meadowhead 25th Feb 1863 aged 46 years. Also of Euphemia CLEMENT GILCHRIST, his daughter who died at Meadowhead 23rd Sept 1878 aged 13 years and nine months. The above…

Erected by John HUNTER, in memory of his wife Jane BAIRD who died 14th Dec 1898 aged 84 years. Also of their children: Agnes who died 18th Oct 1865, aged 8 months. Jane Barbara who died 18th Sept 1875, aged 4 years. George BAIRD who died 27th Jan…

Erected by Wm. SOMMERVILLE, in memory of his son Gilbert who died at Garryhorn 20th July 1863 aged 6 months. Also James SLOSS, his brother in law who died at Garryhorn 4th Sept 1864 aged 49 years. Also Mary SLOSS wife of the above Wm. SOMMERVILLE who…

In memory of James WILSON who died at Shiel of Castlemaddie 4th June 1885 aged 50 years. Also of Agnes his daughter who died 16th Jan 1863 aged 3 months. Margaret MCCLYMONT wife of James WILSON who died at Shiel 22nd April 1929 aged 96 years.

Erected by George C. MCMILLAN in memory of his son Hugh BARCLAY who died 2nd Feb 1893 aged 4 and a half years. Also his wife Jane BARCLAY who died 10th August 1911 aged 64 years. Also the above George C. MCMILLAN who died 7th August 1918 aged 71…

In memory of Agnes CAMPBELL born 6th March 1807, died 20th April 1869. John MCMILLAN her son born 15th May 1834, died 21st March 1850. Joan MCMILLAN born 25th Feb. 1880 died 30th Sept. 1879. James MCMILLAN born 6th June 1839 died 30th August 1880.…

Front (A short column with spire) In memory of William CAMPBELL, long an elder of this Parish, one of the poor of this world, but rich in faith, who, by his industry brought up his family in comfort; by his piety trained them in the fear of the…

In memory of Robert MONTGOMERY who died at Drumjohn 5th August 1885 aged 85 years. Also John his son who died 3rd Feb. 18 aged 21 years. Robert his son died in childhood. Also James his son who died 6th Nov. 1861 aged 22 years. Also Jane MCCULLOCH…

Collection of calf castration equipment - veterinary equipment

unidentified part

In loving memory of William DICKSON PTE RAMC husband of Mary MCMILLAN who died at Carsphairn 26th August 1917 aged 32. Also the above Mary MCMILLAN died 3rd June ---- aged 57. Also their only son William Findlay Dickson died 5th Dec 1999 Aged 85,…


Set of Deer Antlers

(Lying flat on ground) Erected by John GALLOWAY in memory of his wife Sarah Ann MCMILLAN who died 23rd October …..19 aged …..years. Also the above John GALLOWAY who died in Victoria Infirmary 9th August 1918 aged 64 years.

Augers x 2

Erected by Gilbert MCMILLAN in memory of Catherine WILSON, his wife who died at Woodhead 30th Nov. 1878, aged 43 years. Also Robert, their son who died on 22nd July 1871, aged 10 years. The above Gilbert MCMILLAN died at Tannylaggie, Kirkcowan, on…

To the memory of Peter CAMPBELL who died at Waterhead 13th March 1882 aged 58. Also his daughter Agnes died 18th April 1865 aged 5 years and 6 months. Jane MCLATCHIE wife of the above who died at Brockloch, 6th June 1903 aged 76 years. Also his…


THOMAS ANDERSON In memory of Margaret MILLIGAN his mother who died at Liggate, 6th April 1855 aged 66 years. And of their children who died at Bridgend. Robert died 22nd Dec. 1864 aged 8 years. William died 25th Dec. 1864 aged 4 years. Barbara died…

Bellows with air outlet tube missing


Erected by James GUFFIE in memory of his daughter Mary who died 12th Nov. 1837 aged 8 years. Also his granddaughter Agnes SLOANE who died 1st August 1866 aged 2 years and 7 months. His wife Agnes MCGILL who died 21st June 1867 aged 66 years. Also his…

Binoculars in leather case

(Stone inside green fence) In memory of James MITCHELL who died at Garryhorn on 5th January 1840 aged 76 years. And of William MITCHELL his son who died at Garryhorn 7th Sept. 1859 aged 52 years. Also of Isabella MOORE his wife who died at Burnhead…

(Flat stone) Erected by Peter Gordon In loving memory of Margaret MCCUTCHEON his wife who died at Cockhill 16th Dec. 1893 aged 78 years. Also his brother in law Ivie MCCUTCHEON who died at Cockhill 13th Jan. aged 75 years. Also his sister in law…

Erected by Marmaduke MCCRAE to the memory of his wife Sarah BLACKWOOD who died at Bridgend the 18th Feb. 1842 aged 80 years. Also the above Marmaduke MCCRAE who died at Hardgate, Kells 22nd Oct. 1861 aged 86 years.

Butter pats


Erected by Jane MURDOCH in Upper Holm of Dalquhairn in memory of her husband Alexander MACMILLAN who died 19th Jan. 1836 aged 59 years. Also the said Jane MURDOCH who died 2nd May 1855 aged 78 years. Also their eldest son Anthony MACMILLAN who died…

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