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Notices: Committee, Subscriptions, Quiz Winners; The Chairman’s Report AGM 1997; The Great Snow Storm and Thaw of 1947.

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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Newsletter; Carsphairn to China; Notice: AGM; Almost a Centenarian; Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy; Notice: £25 Quiz Prize;
Expedition to Shiel of Castlemaddy in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Galloway Forest Park – Saturday 13th September; Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897; Notices: Telephone at the Centre – The Heritage Centre now has a telephone, New…
Petticoat Rule – The Women of Carsphairn, The 1997 Exhibition; Notice: Spring Buffet Supper; What shall we do with the Chairperson?; Carsphairn Show 1927; The Hustings, Notice: Dates of Opening.
Notices: info from the Chair, Committee Members, Newsletter Index; Carsphairn School 1936; Advert for Schoolteachers, 1843; From the Old Statistical Account published 1791-1799; Simmer by Maureen Henderson.
“Provisioners” Past and Present by Hugie Adamson; Windy Standard Windfarm; letters from UF Manse, 1908; Notice: The 1996 AGM.
Kiltarsen / Kiltarsan / Kiltarsin?? Which and Where?; International Connections; Salmon May Return to Carsphairn by Robin Ade; Extract from the Galloway Gazette of Saturday August 30 1873. Referring to Capt. Clark Kennedy’s intention to improve sport…
“Cornerstones of Carsphairn”; Our guest speaker at the AGM in November was Gordon Riddle, Principal of Culzean Country Park; Notice: “Monuments, Memorials and Forgotten Buildings of Carsphairn”; Inheritance by Maureen Henderson; Extracts from the Old…
Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: Subscriptions; David McMath died 1925; Chairman’s Report from AGM November 1995; Notice: Newsletter Index; Leadminers from Dunscore?; Notice: Committee Members.
Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: The 1995 AGM; Family Records; Rhinns Revisited, the 1995 Annual Walk; Appeal: Carsphairn Parish Magazines; Lamloch Church; Obituary: Bill Hough; George Ferrier Andrew MacNaughton 18855-1933; Notice: Amateur…
Notice: Annual Walk; From the Heritage Group Chairman; These Boots Were Made For Walking - Annual Walk; Appeal: Rescue Part date; The Woodhead Lead Mine; A Nineteenth Century Character Reference; Polmaddy Settlement from Forestry Enterprise, Castle…
Update by Hugie Adamson; Carsphairn Captured on Camera; Ancestor hunting at the Heritage Centre; Notice: Sponsored Walk; The Knockgray Rhododendrons; Notice: Amateur Photographic Competition; The Stroanfreggan Box.
Update by Hugie Adamson; Notice: Subscriptions; The Woodhead Lead Mine by Anna Campbell; Notices: Committee members, Newsletter binders, Photographic Competition 1995; Extract from Dalmellington Parish Bulletin July 1893; Timespan – the history of…
Update by Chairman; Gifts; The Medical Pocket Book; William Campbell letters; Carsphairn Heritage Walk August 1994; Notices: The AGM, The Reference Section at the Heritage Centre, Newsletter Index.
Forestry in Carsphairn; Notices: The Annual Walk; The Woodhead Lead Mine by Anna Campbell; Notice: Visit to Dunaskin Visitor Centre; The 100th Anniversary of the Coming of Age of Frederick Adrian Cathcart occurs on 8 August 1994.
The Heritage Centre; The Exhibition; Reference Section; Obituary: Mrs Madelaine Cooper; An Incident in the Life of Wilson the Ornithologist; Notices: Buffet with Butler, Changes in the Committee, The 1994 Walk; Contribution from A Stroller.

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Chairman’s Notes; Notice: The Committee for 1993-4; Family Trees; Notice: Annual Subscriptions are now due; Stewards’ Questionnaire – Analysis of replies; Railways in Carsphairn Parish; Carsphairn (A)-Muses;
Chairman’s Notes; Carsphairn Revisited; Frontispiece: Peddy Train by Jane Abel; Endangered Speeches; The Change in Farm Names Over The Centuries; 100 Years Ago and 70 Years Ago (Extracts from Dumfries Standard); Ode to the Heritage Centre.
Notices: New Exhibition, Stewards, Spitfire Blue Peter, Fifth Sponsored Walk; Another view of the high walk; Low Level Walk; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 4.
Carsphairn’s Geological Heritage; Notices: Recipe Book, Second Summer Exhibition – Carsphairn During the Second World War; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 3; Roots 93; Notices: Heritage Centre, Wine and Cheese Party; Sponsored Walk; Extract…
Editorial; The Lass O’ The Garryhorn; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society Part 2; Notices: Spitfire Search, Open Meetings, Second Summer Exhibition, Carsphairn during the Second World War, Office Bearers, Subscriptions, Further Diary Dates.
Notices: The Heritage Centre, Annual General Meeting, Fourth Sponsored Hill Walk; Heritage by A. S. Pook; Walter Blythe; Carsphairn and the Glenkens Society.
Notice: The Heritage Centre, Sponsored Walk August 29th, Gifts, Diary Dates; Kars Castle; Recollections and Reflections of a Grandmother; Ancestral Research; The First Statistical Account of Scotland Published in 1799; Spitfire Crash; Book Review by…
Update by Rhoda Campbell; Carsphairn Heritage Centre Opening; Frontispiece: Kars Castle by Carol Cathcart; Appeal: Spent Gro-bags; Kars Castle by Bill Blyth; Notices: Gifts, Old Time Dance.
Heritage Centre – Update on Progress, Stewarding; Comparison of Agriculture in 1891 and 1989 in Carsphairn Parish; Braxy; “Mrs Johnnie’s Carpet”; Notices: Committee Members, Membership reminder, American Airforce Memorial Plaque at Brockloch, Book…
Notice: Carsphairn Heritage Group Annual General Meeting, Old Time Dance, Heritage Centre, Frontispiece – Craigengillan by Carol Cathcart, Recollections and Reflections of a Grandmother, Sponsored Walk to the Grey Man of the Merrick; Quentin McAdam;…
1891 Census. Occupations in Carsphairn Parish; The First (or Old) Statistical Account; July 7th 1951: B52 American Air Crash; Muidrochwood; Notices: Gifts, Heritage Centre, Heritage Group Events, Resignations, Apology; Obituary Mrs Catherine…
Editorial; Gifts; Quentin McAdam letters; Wildlife in the Forestry; Notices: Carsphairn Heritage Centre, Wine and Cheese Party, ‘Old Time’ Recipes; Information Required; Personal Research; 1991 Summer Exhibition - ‘A Century of Change’.
Life at the Mines; Dates for Your Diary; John Louden McAdam; Summer Outing to the Miner’s Cottage and Old Dalmellington 24 July 1990; Weather Present – Weather Past; Notices: Heritage Centre, Stop Press; Committee Members.
Notices: Annual General Meeting, Old Time Dance, Heritage Centre; Anton McMillan; Dr Thomas Jackson; The McRaes; The Appalachian Scots; “All hail, My bold Brochloch...”; 1875-1900; Sponsored Walk.
Editorial, Opening Times, Rota, Frontispiece by Carol Cathcart; Mary Louisa Cannan – A Carsphairn Childhood 1826 – 32; Notices: Wine and Cheese Party, Sponsored Walk 1990 to Windy Standard; Woodhead Leadmine; Carsphairn School; The Old Bell.
Notices: Wine & Cheese Evening, Heritage Trails Walks, Stop Press; Carsphairn in the Middle Ages By Daphne Brooke; “The “Auld” Bell’s Tale”; Communion Tokens; A Frame Project.
Notices: AGM, Dance, Sponsored Walk, New Afforestation, Raffle, Invitation, Gifts, Heritage Trail News; Carsphairn Shepherd’s Dance; ‘Southern Upland Way’ T.V. Series; Allan’s Cairn; Carsphairn Show - 100th Anniversary; A-Frame Project.
Notices: Summer Exhibition, Competition Winners, Request for Information, Rhinns of Kells Walk, Recipe Books, Old Time Dance, AGM and Talk, Membership; Kirkyard Find; Extract from the Dumfries standard 1859- 130 years ago; Farming objects; Excerpt…
Editorial; 49 Years with the Forestry Commission; Forestry in the Parish; Carsphairn Horticultural and Pastoral Show; Carsphairn Pastoral Society Semi Jubilee Show; Summer Outing; Old Worthy; Notices: Recipe Book, A Riddle, Ordnance Survey Maps,…
Editorial Comment; Notices:Signpost leaflet dispensers and waymarkers, Competition, Summer Exhibition, Fundraising Events, Recipe Book, Summer Outing, Gifts; Carsphairn Post Office 1968 – 1989 by Agnes s Dickson; New Galloway to Carsphairn by Coach;…
Editorial Comment; Notices: Extraordinary Meeting, Membership Renewals, Heritage Trails, New Building; Incident at the Leadmines; Correspondence; Catalogue; Song request; Remembrance Poppies and Carsphairn; Lament for Brockloch by Lt Col. A. J.…
Editorial Comment; Notices: Appointments, Heritage Trails, Membership renewals, Accounts, 350th Anniversary; Local Tales and Legends; Gifts; Loch Doon; Scottish Museum Council Interest; Carsphairn Parish (extract from Rambles in Galloway by M Harper…
Editorial Comment; Notices: Wine and Cheese Party, Summer Visit to Waterside, Guided Walk to the Leadmines, The Leadmines (poem by Helen Campbell), Maps; Transatlantic Connections; Bardennoch Hill Walk; The Woodhead and Lamloch Trail; Nostalgia at…
Update; Membership of the Scottish Tourist Board; Did You Know? ‘Green Well’ Gold; Shepherd’s Ball 1846; Wanlockhead Trust; Forthcoming Events; Interesting Historical Facts; Bridges; Trips and Tours; Local Walks; Historical Notes (Extracts from…
Introduction; Notices ‘Leadmining at Woodhead’ Exhibition and Walks, 1987; Appeals for old postcards; Can Anyone Offer Information on the ‘Crosskeys’ Mentioned in this Articles of 1860?; Fears allayed over museum curator plan; Committee Members

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View of Kendoon Loch, near Carsphairn


The Cally Hotel, Gatehouse of Fleet

Snowfall in Carsphairn - 1947

North End, Main Street in Carsphairn

Carsphairn Street (in colour)

The Liggate, Carsphairn

Knockgray, Carsphairn


Polmadie Burn


9 men, 3 girls outside a workshop


Lagwyne Avenue, Beech Trees

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Postcard of Lamloch Church - posted to Mrs Porteous, Knockvennie

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Remains of Lagwyne Castle. Postcard posted in 1944 to Moorbrock, Carsphairn, stamp attached

Ann Armstrong (sitting), May McLelland (standing) Carsphairn

Martin Family Newspaper cutting.pdf
Newspaper article re Martin family emigrating 1950. The Martin family lived at The Crofts in Carsphairn Village

59a - Station, Dalmellington
59b - Hospital Bridge, Dalmellington
59c - The Flood, Dalmellington 11 July 1927
59d - The Old Bridge, Dalmellington
59e - Dalmellington from Cockie Knowe

On reverse - Bridgend, Carsphairn - donated by Mr & Mrs Lawrence, Melrose

Iron wagon fittings + chain

Hay rake

“Blue Peter” wing flap, from aircrash site


Seedlip (for broadcasting seed)

Clippy mat frame

Spinning top

Brocade coat, black, long

Brocade coat, black, long

Brocade coat, black, short

Rock garden plans and markers, originally used at the front of the Heritage Centre in Carsphairn

Spirit level, wood, large

Cooking pot, metal, large with lid

Iron stand with wooden handle

Iron with stand, small, black

Flask, glass & leather with metal drinking cup

Vase, pottery

Vase, porcelain with flower decoration

Plant mister, brass

Candle holder, blue enamel

Bottle, green, without stopper

Vase, glass, crystal

Crockery – plate, cup & saucer, War Memorial Commemorative

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1890, Best Pen of Tups

Gong, Carsphairn Horticultural & Pastoral Society 1897, Best Pen of Ewes and Lambs

Iron, Clem's Travelling - electric

Stacking cake tins (3), belonging to Mrs Murray

Bulb jar, green glass

Metal corkscrew

Metal spoon, scorpion shaped

Child's writing slate

Bottle, Stephen's Blue/black Writing Fluid

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Album (A Holden)

Pen Nibs, Perry (boxed)

Earthenware jug, large

Iron item (unknown)


AA car badge

Black water jug

Pair of small vases, made in Japan, given as bowling prize

Jug with flowers belonging to Jack Kirk 1921, Muirdrochwoood
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