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Memorials & Inscriptions


Memorials & Inscriptions


Memorials found in and around Carsphairn. Locations include Carsphairn Kirkyard and the War Memorial at the Liggate.

Also includes air crashes.

Collection Items

  • KI_125.jpg

    Erected by James MCKAY. In memory of Mary CURRIE, his wife who died at Drumness 2nd May 1879, aged 52 years. Agnes MCCRAE who died at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh 12th Sept 1901, aged 58 years. The above James MCKAY who died at Glaisters 13th April 1916 aged 94 years.
  • DI_300.jpeg

    David McFadzien died in Great Falls, Browning, Montana, aged 39 years.
  • DI_298.jpeg

    William McFadzien died in Browning, Montana, during a cloud burst (lightning) trying to save his herd.

    Wreaths can be read from his parents, the cross wreath from his brothers and sisters and one from his girl Mary Jardine.
  • Photo_474.jpg
  • DI_251.jpg
  • Photo_1610.jpg

    St Johns of Dalry Parish dated 23/03/06
  • Photo_1548.jpg
  • Photo_1516.jpg

    First Kennedy owner of Knockgray, depicting the family coat of arms. He died in 1738 and is buried in Straiton kirkyard
  • Photo_1515.jpg

    With his second wife Charlotte Isablella Cust. This is in the ‘new’ St. Michael’s Churchyard in Dumfries
  • Photo_1514.jpg

    The Kennedy Stone impaling Ewart of ulloch. It has been moved several times and is therefore damaged.
  • Photo_1513.jpg

    Their Memorial in St Michael’s Graveyard Dumfries. A. John Clark Kennedy has written description on the back of photo
  • Photo_1512.jpg

    St Michael’s Graveyard Dumfries
  • Photo_1494.jpg
  • Photo_1483.jpg
  • Photo_1477.jpg

    Including son Roger Gordon in Kells Kirkyard New Galloway
  • Photo_1476.jpg

    Including son Roger Gordon in Kells Kirkyard New Galloway
  • Photo_1475.jpg
  • Photo_1470.jpg
  • Photo_1469.jpg
  • Photo_1468.jpg

    The inscription reads: "Here lies the corps of Rev Thomas Verner who served his generation according to the will of God in the Gospel at Balmaclellan for 59 years. He died on 10th September 1716, the last of the old Presbyterian ministers that survived the Revolution". He baptised 36 children st one service the Holy Linn
  • Photo_1464.jpg

    In memory of Robert Stewart and John Grierson
  • Photo_1463.jpg
  • Photo_1408.jpg

    A. John Clark Kennedy’s gravestone on the left
  • Photo_1407.jpg

    In the Clark Kennedy graveyard at Knockgray
  • KI_137.jpg

    In memory of John BONE, miner Woodhead Lead mines who met a premature death in the mines 17th December 1849 aged 51 years. Also Marion MOFFAT his wife who died 7th August 1873 aged 77 years.
  • Photo_1265.jpg
  • Photo_1241.jpg
  • Photo_1297.jpg
  • Photo_1293.jpg
  • Photo_1292.jpg
  • Photo_1291.jpg
  • KI_185.jpg

    (Flat stone 6 legs) Brokloch – MCMILLAN who did die …… under this stone his body lyes ….. his soul at ……. most usefully ….. station in defence of our reformation great proof he gave at all fit times for them things once cald highest crimes ….. to praise king Christ ….. cloth’d is he now in a white robe with them that still sing praise to God….28 Feb 1725…
  • KI_170.jpg

    (Skull & crossbones) ……9……GI.SON that….the 6 of November 1687…….
  • DI_226.jpg

    Top – In Memoriam Margaret Ferrier Anderson born 7th April 1862 died 6th June 1906. Wife of Geo. F.A. MacNaughton, minister of this parish, October 1890-May 1925. “Fais ce que tu dois advienne que fourra”. Bottom – In loving memory of George F. A. MacNaughton, minister of this parish 1890-1925. This tablet has been erected by his parishioners, friends and relatives. “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”
  • DI_225.jpg

    In loving memory of the Rev. Wilfrid Robert Sievewright M.B.E. Died 10th January 1961, minister of this parish 1925-61. This tablet has been erected by his parishioners and friends. A faithful minister in the Lord.
  • DI_224.jpg

    To the Glory of God and in sacred remembrance of these brave & faithful men who in the great war of 1939-1945 laid down their lives. This memorial is erected in gratitude, love and reverence by the parish of Carsphairn. Major Thomas Archibald Blythe, Royal Warwick Regt; Sapper James Gilchrist McFadzean, Royal Engineers; Flt/Sergt Campbell McIntosh McMIllan Royal Air Force. “Their name liveth for evermore” “Be thou faithful and I will give thee a crown of life”
  • DI_223.jpg

    In Memory of John Loudon Macadam, roadmaker, whose name is enshrined in every lanuage & his memorial perpetuated in the roads of evey land. Born at Ayr 1756, his early home Lagwine, about half a mile to north west of this kirk of Carsphairn. Died at Moffat, Dumfriesshire, 1836. Buried in Moffat kirkyard. “I die at least an honest man.”
  • DI_222.jpg

    To the Glory of God and in honour of the men of Carsphairn United Free Church who ventured their lives in the Great War. John Anderson (Died on Service) – Andrew Hyslop – William Milroy – John Ferguson – George Martin – George Murray – David Gilchrist – James F Martin – Mark Simpson – Wm Hastings – John Milroy (Killed) – George Simpson – Allan Hunter – Saml. Milroy – Saml. Simpson – William Hunter – Peter Milroy – Rev J M Sibbald MA – William Hunter – James Milroy – Wm M Wilson – Alex. Milroy
  • DI_221.jpg

    In Memory of John Semple, first minister of Carsphairn Parish C.1646-1677. A stern upholder of the covenant who resisted decrees of parliament and survived. ”He is abune that guides the gully”.
  • DI_219.jpg
  • KI_130.jpg

    In loving memory of Robert BELL beloved husband of Mary MARTIN who died at Braidenough, Carsphairn 14th February 1908 aged 81 years. Also Mary MARTIN his wife who died at Braidenough 3rd August 1916 aged 82 years.
  • Photo_1166.jpg
  • Photo_63.jpg
  • Photo_1123.jpg

    Skull on top of Angels head, Illegible.

    Possible inscription “Here lyes the corps of William McMillane who died March 1709 aged -0 & Janet Dun his spouse who died --.

  • Photo_1121.jpg

    (Falling over, unreadable) This stone……GRAHAM’s grave was erected by …..Reid minister of the gospel at Carsphairn her son. She died……………………..

    Possible inscription - “ This stone at Janet Grahams Grave was erected by Mr John Reid Minister of the Gosel her son she died Jun 7 1714 and was buried aged 81”.

    Ref Canmore
  • Photo_292.JPG
  • Photo_1068.jpg
  • Photo_1065.jpg
  • KI_93.jpg

    (Small stone)………..doi…………r……..corp…… now….or…..worl…..charitable discrlet lived fourty four years. Thomas MCMILL…… wife ……she…….ears.
  • KI_85.jpg

    In loving memory of Agnes MCKAY wife of Thomas CRAWFORD BLYTHE who died 1st Jan. 1918 aged 84 years. Also their children, Bruce CRAWFORD died 2nd June 1879 aged 10 mnths. William MCKAY died 11th June 1894 aged 22 years. Barbara MCKAY died 20th Feb. 1913 aged 34 yrs. The above Thomas CRAWFORD BLYTHE died 1st March 1923 aged 71 years. Walter BLYTHE died at Glasgow 21st Oct. 1927 aged 54 years. Also their son David WATSON BLYTHE beloved husband of Mary MCMILLAN died at Carsphairn 19th May 1942 aged 54.
  • KI_78.jpg

    In memory of James BARBOUR who died at Carsphairn 24th Oct’r. 1871, aged 64 years. Also his daughter Margaret who died in infancy, Feb. 21st 1853. Also Mary BRYCE his relict who died at Carsphairn, 6th March 1885 aged 72 years. Also David their eldest son who died in Melbourne, Australia on 11th May 1889 aged 44 years.
  • KI_69.jpg

    Erected in memory of Alexander MCCLELLAN, blacksmith, who died October 1823 aged 43 years. Also of his children, George & Marion, who died in infancy. Also his son George MCLELLAN who died at Muirfoot, Kilwinning, 23rd July 1893 in the 83rd year of his age.
  • KI_61.jpg

    Erected by John STEWART in memory of Agnes his eldest daughter who died at Carsphairn 17th Aug. 1872 aged one and half years. Mary his youngest daughter who died at Carsphairn 8th Oct. 1893 aged 11 years. Nannie his second daughter who died at Blackyett, Ecclefechan 21st Feb. 1900 aged 26 years. Elizabeth CURRIE his wife who died at Carsphairn 9th Sept. 1915 in her 75th year. The above John STEWART who died at Carsphairn 3rd May 1918 in his 92nd year.
  • KI_54.jpg

    Erected by Janet and Clara TAIT in memory of Robert DOUGLAS late in Barndennoch who died on the 5th Feb. 1742. Margaret CLARK his spouse who died on the 20th of July 1742 aged. William DOUGLAS their son who died on the 20th May 1771 aged 51 years. Margaret CLARK his spouse who died the 2nd March 1814 aged 75 years. Jean DOUGLAS, daughter of the said Robert DOUGLAS and mother to the above Janet & Clara TAIT she died A.D. 1765. Margt. TAIT their sister died A.D.17.
  • KI_47.jpg

    Erected by William & Mary MCFADZEAN in loving memory of their son James who died at Crossdykes 16th March 1904 aged 28 years. Also their daughter Mina who died 11th Feb. 1915 aged 24 years. Also the above Mary MCFADZEAN who died at Liggate 28th July 1917 in her 73rd year. Also their daughter Mary who died at Liggate 6th April 1926 aged 48 years. Also the above Wm. MCFADZEAN who died 2nd Dec. 1928 in his 81st year.
  • KI_45.jpg

    In memory of Andrew BODDEN who died 7th July 1850 aged 44 years. Also of Margaret MCMILLAN his wife who died 1st May 1845 aged 38 years. Also of Marion their daughter who died 18 October 1843 aged 9 months. Also of Marion their daughter who died 23rd March 1845 aged 7 months.
  • KI_95.jpg

    In memory of James DEMPSTER who died 6th February 1842 aged 50 years. And of his daughter Agnes who died 3rd December 1835 aged 4 years. And of Jane AULD who died 1st November 1830 aged 68 years. Also of his daughter Margaret who died the 22nd February 1851 aged 30 years. Also of his son James who died 29th June 1859, aged 30 years. Also of his daughter Marion who died at Birmingham 18th November 1866 aged 44 years. Also of his wife Margaret DONALDSON who died 8th March 1868 aged 75 years. Also of his daughter Agnes who died 6th April 1871, aged 33 years. Also of his daughter Jane born 1821 died 9th December 1880. Also of his daughter Elizabeth, born 1826, died 9th May 1881.
  • KI_92.jpg

    In memory of Thomas ROWAN who died at Woodhead, Kells 6th Dec. 1884 in the 84th year of his age. And of Margaret DOUGLAS his wife who died at same place 18th January 1885 aged 80 years. William their son died at Largerie 31st December 1844 aged 15 years. John their son died in Glasgow 21st June 1868 aged 37 years. Walter their son died at Limekilns, N.S. Wales, 1st May 1882 aged 48 years. Thomas ROWAN son of James ROWAN who died at Woodhead Kells, 9th June 1893 aged 18 years.
  • KI_91.jpg

    Sacred to the memory of William WILSON who died at Woodhead Lead Mines 10th July 1848 aged 28 years. Also Mary Ann KISSOCK his wife who died 11th March 1848 aged 23 years.
  • KI_90.jpg

    Erected by Robert KELLY in memory of John KELLY his father who died at Furkins Parish of Kells on the 11th March 1852 aged 63 years. Margaret his sister who died at Lochsprage 4th March 1820 aged 8 years. John his youngest brother was drowned at the Gold Diggings in Australia 7th September 1855 aged 28 years. Margaret his sister died at Moffat on 19th April 1871 aged 48 years.
  • KI_89.jpg

    In loving memory of Mary DRUMMOND died March 1890 aged 81 years. Mrs. HASTINGS died 21st January 1893 aged 50 years. Jemima HASTINGS died 24th November 1901 aged 26 years. Susan HASTINGS died Culmark 30th May 1904 aged 21 years. James HASTINGS died 1st January 1909 aged 70 years
  • KI_88.jpg

    (Front) This stone is erected by the Rev. John…….Here lys the corps of……….the 22nd ……..aged 83 years. (Reverse) James Dempster...this…………………….
  • KI_84.jpg

    In loving remembrance of Janet STEWART LITTLE beloved eldest daughter of Thomas and Jane HASTINGS who died at Culmark Jan. 31st 1919 aged 15 years and 10 months. Also James second son of the above died at Culmark 18th March 1925 aged 24 years. Also the above Jane HASTINGS who died at Dumfries Royal Infirmary 10th May 1928 aged 56 years. Also William eldest son who died at Dumfries 28th April 1929 aged 30 years.
  • KI_83.jpg

    Erected by Jean & Alex MCDONALD in memory of their children who died as follows: William, 12th Dec. 1854, aged 5. Thomas, 19th Dec. 1854, aged 13. Margaret, 18th Aug. 1857, aged 13. William, 12th Dec. 1861, aged 5. Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the Kingdom of God.
  • KI_82.jpg
  • KI_81.jpg

    To the memory of Peter KELLY late in Blackhill of Bush who died there 10th July 1855 aged 75 years. Also Rachel MORRISON his wife who died at same place April 1810 aged 37 years. Also John KELLY their son who was drowned in River Cree 11th December 1818 aged 13 years. Also Mary TEMPLETON, his second wife who died at Back-hill of Bush 9th Oct. 1830 aged 36 years. Also Jane KELLY their daughter who died at same place 31st July 1828 aged 9 years. Also Rachel KELLY their daughter who died at Dalry 28th June 1853 aged 30 years. Also two sons who died in infancy. Also Agnes KELLY their daughter, wife of John MCCUTCHEON died at Cockhill Ayr 22nd July 1881 aged 67 years. The said John MCCUTCHEON died at Cockhill Ayr, on 11th and was interred here on the 15th of January 1884 aged 72 years.
  • KI_80.jpg

    (Stone against wall) Erected in memory of John MCKAY who died 20th March 1848 aged 67 years. Also of his wife Janet WELSH who died 6th June 1852 aged 71 years. Elizabeth their daughter died 4th Aug. 1828 aged 4 years. Also Agnes daughter of William MCKAY who died 17th Jan. 18….aged 10 months. The above William MCKAY died on 6th April 1888 aged 74 years. Also Agnes MCLELLAN wife of the said William MCKAY who died at Carsphairn 9th July 1892 aged 79 years. Annie daughter of the above John MCKAY died at Carsphairn 11th Jan. 1900 aged 82 years. Barbara, daughter of the above John MCKAY died at Carsphairn 16th June 1905 aged 91 years. Margaret MCKAY daughter of the above William MCKAY died 14th April 193? aged 81 years.
  • KI_75.jpg

    In Memory of James GOOD who died 12th March 1869 aged 63 years. And of his children, Agnes who died 24th Nov. 1850 aged 3 years. And Catherine who died 12th May 1853 aged 2 and a half years. And Samuel, who died 24th July 1858 aged 5 years. And of Jane MCMILLAN, his wife, who died at Ayr, 25th March 1883 aged 70 years. Also his son James GOOD who died at Ayr.?? Son 1910 aged 64 years. Also Isabella HUNTER wife of James Good died at Ayr 21st October 1923 aged 74 years. Erected by Wm and Jas. sons of the above James Good.
  • KI_74.jpg

    Erected by Samuel BENNETTE in memory of his sons who died at Brockloch on the 15th October 1847 in the 4th year of age. William 18th October 1867 in the 2nd year of his life.
  • KI_73.jpg

    Stone broken into three pieces - Illegible
  • KI_72.jpg

    In memory of Agnes SORBIE, wife of Duncan MCMURTRIE, Blacksmith, Carsphairn who died 17th July 1877 aged 86 years. The above Duncan MCMURTRIE died at Moorfoot, near Kilwinning on the 20th and was interred here on the 24th of June 1889 aged 88 years.
  • KI_71.jpg

    Erected by William MCLELLAN, Merchant, in memory of his wife Mary SPROAT who died at Manchester, 21st December 1847 aged 30 years and is interred in Chorleton Cemetery. And of his daughter Agnes MCLELLAN who died 24th May 1843 aged 4 years and 9 months. Also of his wife Elizabeth HASTINGS who died 12th March 1861 aged 30 years. Also of the above William MCLELLAN who died 9th October 1888 age 60 years. William Robert MCLELLAN his son who died at Carsphairn 21st June 1885 aged 24 years. Also Margaret GALLOWAY widow of W R McLellan who died in Glasgow on 8th and was interred here on the 16th February 1890 aged 28 years. William Robert MCLELLLAN, son of above died at Gargunnock 5th Aug. 1968 aged 82 years.
  • KI_68.jpg

    In loving memory of Adam DALGLEISH who died at Stroanfreggan School House 21st February 1872, aged 39 years. Also of Janet DALGLEISH, sister of the above who died at Carsphairn 15th July 1895, aged 67 years. Adam DALGLEISH son of the above died at Carsphairn 9th July 1917, aged 51 years. Nicholas DALGLEISH sister of the above died at Carsphairn 21st May 1920 aged 78 years. Annie DALGLEISH, sister of the above died at Carsphairn 22nd March 1928 aged 89 years.
  • KI_67.jpg

    Erected in memory of Margaret SCOTT wife of Hugh WILSON who died at Knockingorroch 27th July 1886 aged 76 years. Ruth their daughter died at Kirkconnel 12th October 1834 aged 3 years. Hugh their son died in infancy in 1848. William their son died at Knochingorroch 11th May 1854 aged 15 years. James their son died at Christchurch New Zealand 21st August 1879 aged 16 years. The above Hugh WILSON died at Knockingorroch 30th Nov. 1895 aged 89 years. Also their son Thomas WILSON who died at Blackcraig, Corsock…… June 1911 aged 75 years. Robert their son who died at Nithsdale View, Thornhill 13th Feb. 1921 aged 77 years. Interred in Morton Cemetery. David their son who died at Nithsdale View Thornhill 31st March 1921 aged 69 years. Interred in Morton Cemetery.
  • KI_66.jpg

    In memory of James CAMPBELL who died at Caven on 10th March 1814 aged 56.
  • KI_65.jpg

    Mary NICHOLS wife of Archibald GLENDINNING died at Holm of Dalquhairn on 11th March 1838 aged 50 years. Also Mary WAUGH (Polly) who died 24th June 1983 aged 71 years Dearly loved wife of John Stewart who died 27th July 1988 aged 80 years.
  • KI_64.jpg

    In memory of William HUNTER who died in Carsphairn Village 29th Dec. 1880 aged 47 years. Also of William his son who died 1st July 1887 aged 9 years and 8 months. Also of John his son who died 19th Oct. 1879 aged 20 years. Also of Thomas his son who died 9th? November 1880 aged 19 years. Also his grandson William HUNTER who died 17th October 1897 aged 14 and a half years. Also of his wife Ann WELSH who died at Carsphairn 24th January 1908 aged 78 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth GOOD who died at Dumfries 10th June 1923 aged 66 years.
  • KI_60.jpg

    Erected by Janet MILROY, in loving memory of her husband, James STEWART, who died at Glasgow 26th Dec. 1908 in the 29th year of his age. Also her father Peter MILROY, who died at Glasgow 29th May 1911 in his 72nd year. Jane MCLELLAN wife of the above Peter MILROY who died at Carsphairn 26th July 1933 in her 88th year, William MILROY youngest son of the above Peter MILROY who died at Singapore 24th Feb. 1942 aged 51 years. Also the above Janet MILROY who died at Glasgow 25th May 1974 aged 94 years.
  • KI_59.jpg

    In memory of James Shorthreed of Huddersfield who died at Brockloch 7th June (1818?) aged 45 years.
  • KI_58.jpg

    Erected by Thomas HUNTER in memory of his father Thomas HUNTER who died at Liggate Carsphairn 15th October 1887 aged 80 years. Also of his mother Elizabeth GOOD who died at Carsphairn 6th July 1884 aged 72 years. Also his sister Isabella HUNTER who died at Carsphairn 31st March 1872 aged 37 years.
  • KI_53.jpg

    (Flat stone) illegible
  • KI_52.jpg

    Erected by James CURRIE in memory of Agnes GIBSON his wife who died in Carsphairn Village 11th June 1876 aged 82 years. Also of their daughter Margaret, wife of William CAMPBELL who died at Dalmellington 5th March 1864 aged 48 years. Also of William their son and Agnes their daughter who both died young. The above James CURRIE died 2nd July 1881 aged 87 years. Also their daughter Agnes CURRIE died 20th February 1920 aged 82 years.
  • KI_51.jpg

    Erected in memory of Mary BROWN who died at Castlehill, Maybole 12th August 1868 aged 56 years. Robert BROWN her brother died 28th August 1886 aged 67 years. Barbara MCNAUGHT his wife died 5th Feb. 1899 aged 79 years. John, son of the above Robert BROWN died 18th Oct. 1918 aged 72. Margaret L. daughter died 31st January 1928 aged 77. James, son died 24th Feb. 1929 aged 85 years. Cremated in Glasgow.
  • KI_50.jpg

    Erected by Margaret LITTLE in memory of James BROWN her husband, who died at Braidenough 13th April 1826 aged 55 years. The said Margaret LITTLE died the 16th September 1828 aged 37 years. And of Thomas BROWN their son who died at Dalmellington on the 9th June 1837 in the 21st year of his age. In memory of Isabella BROWN daughter of Robert BROWN who died 24th June 1861 aged 12 years. Also Jessie, who died 30th May 1865 aged 41 years. Elizabeth, who died 10th June 1865 aged one and a half years.
  • KI_49.jpg

    Agnes HYSLOP beloved wife of Thomas HUNTER who died at Knowehead, Carsphairn 18th March 1916 aged 62 years. Also the above Thomas HUNTER who died at Knowehead on 2nd July 1929 aged 82 years.
  • KI_44.jpg

    Erected in memory of James MCFADZIEN who died at Carminnow on 12th Aug. 1886 aged 84 years. And of Mary MCWHIRTER his wife who died in Carsphairn Village on 1st June 1886 aged 78 years. Also of John their son who died at Castlemaddie on 4th Feb. 1862 aged 21 years. Also of James their son who died in infancy.
  • KI_43.jpg

    Erected by Helen JOHNSTONE in memory of John JOHNSTONE her father who died at Bridgend 25th April 1825 aged 74 years. And of Jane COWAN his spouse who died in Carsphairn Village 2nd May 1856 aged 84 years. Also of Agnes COWAN her aunt who died in Carsphairn Village 4th Aug. 1857 aged 89 years. The above Helen JOHNSTONE died in Carsphairn Village 17th March 1886 aged 76 years.
  • KI_42.jpg

    Erected by James, John & George COUPERS in memory of James COUPER their father who died on the 22nd day of Dec. in 1782 aged 72 years. Also Margaret FINDLAY his spouse who died Nov. 22nd 1784 aged 72 years. The said John COUPER their son died 20th March 1832 aged 81 years, and Jean COOPER their daughter died 1st Sept. 1832 aged 83 years. Also Margaret COOPER spouse to John ARMSTRONG died at Marskaig, Parish of Dalry 29th July 1807 aged 49 years. The said John ARMSTRONG died the 26th Dec. 1833 aged 80 years.
  • Photo_749.jpg

    from 1997 exhibition
  • Misc_231.pdf

    Muirdrochwood 6th February 1855

    The favour of your Company here on Tuesday the 6th current, at 12 o’clock noon, to attend the Funeral of James Barbour, my Father, to the place of interment in Dalry Church-yard, will much oblige.
    Your obedient servant,
    William Barbour
  • Misc_230.pdf

    The Manse, Carsphairn 26th November 1869

    The Favour of your Company to attend the Funeral of my Uncle, the Rev. David Welsh, from this to the place of Interment, in Carsphairn Church-Yard on Friday 26th instant, at One o’clock P.M., is respectfully requested by,
    Your most obedient servant
    John Welsh
  • Misc_229.pdf

    Sent by James Carruthers (husband) to Mr Robert McMillan
    Balmaclellan Village 6th June 1854

    The favour of your Company here, on Tuesday, the 6th current, at 12 o’clock noon, to attend the Funeral of Agnes Cannan, my Wife, to the place of Interment in the Churchyard of Balmaclellan, will much oblige.
    Your most obedient Servant
    James Carruthers
  • Misc_223.pdf

    To Mr William Campbell & sons.
    22nd June 1805

    My Father James Cannon died here on the 20th June.
    The favour of your Company here on Thursday 27th June by 10 o’clock forenoon to witness his interent in Kells Church Yard will oblige.
    Your most obedient Servant
    James Cannon
  • Misc_216.pdf

    Garryhorn, Carsphairn, 6th August, 1873

    The favour of your company to attend the Funeral of Mary Sloss, relict of the late Mr William Sloss, Dalmellington Churchyard, on Saturday first, the 9th August, at Half-past Twelve o’clock p. M., will much oblige,
    Yours respectfully
    William Sommerville
    Expected to reach Dalmellington at 3 o’clock.

    Addressee on reverse Mr James Wilson­­­ Sheil
  • Misc_215.pdf

    The favour of your Company to attend the Funeral of Richard Jamieson my father here to the place of Interment in Carsphairn Churchyard on Friday the 24th August at 12 o’Clock much oblige
    Your most obedient servant
    Richard Jamieson
    South Wales 1906

    Addressee Messrs. Wilson Bros, Shiel
  • Misc_205.pdf

    The favour of your Company to attend the Funeral of James Sloss my Father from this house here to the place of Interment in Carsphairn Church Yard on Tuesday the 23rd Inst at One o’clock will much oblige.
    Your most obedient servant
    William Sloss
    August 19 1864
  • Misc_204.pdf

    Glencrosh, 3rd December 1858

    The favour of your company here on Thursday the 9th current, at 10 o’clock A.M., to attend the Funeral of Robert McMillan, my Father, to the place of Interment in Caesphairn Church Yard, will much oblige.
    Your most obedient servant
    John M McMillan
  • Misc_203.pdf

    My Aunt, Miss Agnes Wallace, died here on Friday last.

    The favour of your Company, on Thursday first, the 7th February, at Twelve o’Clock, to attend her Remains from this to the Place of Interment in Carsphairn Churchyard, is repectfully requested by


    Your mo. obed. Serv’nt,

    Richd. Jamieson.
  • Misc_202.pdf

    Lamloch, Carsphairn,
    10th April, 1865.


    The favour of your Company to attend the Funeral of my Father, from this to the Place of Interment in Carsphairn Churchyard, on Friday first, the 14th current, at One o’clock, afternoon, is respectfully requested by,


    Your most obedient Servant,

    Thomas McMillan.
  • Misc_201.pdf

    Shancastle, Glencairn, 7th September 1863.


    Margaret Wallace, my Wife, died here this morning, and is to be interred in the Churchyard of Glencairn, on Friday first, the 11th current.

    Your company on that occasion, at Twelve o’clock Noon, will be esteemed a favour by,


    Your most obedient Servant,

    James Milligan.