Photographs - people


Photographs - people


The people and families who have lived and worked in the area. Persons have been named where their identities are known.

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Burns Supper in Salutation
Text from back:

"Burns Supper in Carsphairn probably Salutation. Unknown date. Donated by Mrs Minnie McNae.

L-R David Coltart, Mrs Quintin Mitchell (sitting under vase), Willian Wallace, Mrs Lammie (partially hidden), Thomas Fergusson (next to…

Brockloch Campbells<br /><br />
Jean, Minnie and Molly Campbell (L to R)

Brockloch Campbells<br /><br />
Jessie King, May McLellan, Bessie Stewart, Mary McCathie, Mary Alsop, Molly Campbell

Bob Martin<br /><br />
Back – Bobbie Martin ....... Carsphairn 1936
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