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Carsphairn Pastoral and Horticultural Society Show


Carsphairn Pastoral and Horticultural Society Show


The Show has been held since 1876 and is the busiest day in the year of the upland community, It has been held every year except for the war years, during outbreaks of Foot and Mouth disease and during the pandemic.

Starting as a show of poultry , dogs and flowers it has evolved into being the last purely sheep show in Scotland, now combined with dog trials, sports and pet show. In the village hall there is an Industrial Section that is the showcase of the local "best" in baking, flowers, children's exhibits, handwork and other classes showing the continuing enthusiasm that has been so evident for all these years.

Those with interest in sheep, and particularly the Blackface breed, compete or are bystanders during the judging and use he opportunity as a social occasion just as has happened throughout the twentieth century and before.

This collection was compiled for the 2013 exhibition "Sheep and Shortbread" and charts the development and evolution of the Show by using the minutes of the Show Committee, press reports, photographs and contribution from many who have been such faithful supporters of the Show.



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