Collection of postcards showing Carsphairn through the ages. Some have been annotated by their original owners to show changes to the area.

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Knowehead til 1935 <br /><br />
Reverse - Miss Galloway

Knowehead as it was till 1940
Knowehead as a Post Office

The Manse, Carsphairn,
Carsphairn Parish Church Manse House, The Rev. McNaughton at door

Old Mortality
Old Mortaility, Balmaclellan

Composite of images of Carsphairn &amp; area.
Postcard showing images of Carsphairn.
Reverse shows: Carspairn postmark. One penny stamp 1/9/19

Transcript To Mrs McNaughton, Viewbank, Craigie, Perth'
I arrived safely after a very nice journey. It was beautiful all the way. I've . .ised…

Cairnsmore, Carsphairn (Marscalloch in foreground)
Postcard of Marscalloch showing where the dam and water level now sits. Cairnsmore of Carsphairn in the background.

Back: Mr Wright, Marscalloch, 1953
'That dark wood was cut down, and now forest trees on 3 sides of us (15 years old). I think…

View of New Dam
Back: Mr Wright, Marscalloch

House, Knockgray,  Carsphairn
Knockgray, Carsphairn. Postmark 7.8.09 Carsphairn + Dalry

Transcript To Miss B. Wilson, c/o Mrs Fergusson, Bower Cottage, Prestwick
'D.B. just a postcard to say George is still keeping better. He has been up through the day for two days.. He is…

Dalmellington from Knoweview <br /><br />
Dalmellington from Knoweview

Dalmellington postmark 23/10/1911
Transcript To Master G. Wilson, The Schoolhouse, Carsphairn
'Got here all right. I got some rain but was hardly wet. Tell Robie I will send him a card the next and kiss Jessie for…

Dalmellington, Main Street
Dalmellington , Main Street showing garage children and people.

Dalmellington postmark 31.11.10 (George V stamp)
Transcript: 'To Master R. Wilson, The Schoolhouse, Carsphairn
'31/10/10 I got down all right but was soaked. I got no rain till I…

Dalshangan, Carpshairn
Entrance road to Dalshangan, Carsphairn showing the Gate Lodge

Lamloch, Carsphairn
Lamloch, Carsphairn

Carsphairn Golf Course
View of Carsphairn Golf Course from Carnavel / The Liggate


Main Street, Carsphairn Village
Main Street, Carsphairn Village taken from the East

Postmark Dalry 21.7.1909.
Transcript 'To Robert Brough, Karsphairn, Blairgowrie.
My Dear Robert, You will have had many a good spin on your bicycle. I have been cycling every day, and am going…

Bank Wood, Carsphairn
In the Bank Wood Carsphairn

Main Street, Carsphairn Village
View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East showing The Salutation Hotel

Postmark Carsphairn.
To Mrs Blythe, Kenilworth & Mastyn Hotel, Wilmington Square, Eastbourne, Sussex
Transcript 'B/P 6/5/1965 Thanks for card just received. It's…

Main Street, Carsphairn Village
View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East

Knockgray Carsphairn
Knockgray Carsphairn showing The House

Woodhead Leadmines, Carsphairn
View of Woodhead Leadmines, Carsphairn

Main Street, Carsphairn
View of Main Street, Carsphairn taken from East showing The School House

“Pursued” - Post-chaise
“Pursued” - Post-chaise

Carpshairn sports
Carpshairn sports - Sack race probably on Show Day

Main Street, Carsphairn
Taken from the West, Sheep going down street

Bank Wood, Carsphairn
Bank Wood, Carsphairn

Tinker&#039;s Loup, Carsphairn
Tinkers Loup, Tinkler's Loup, Carsphairn

On the Deugh, Lagwind, Carsphairn
On the Deugh, Lagwind, Carsphairn

Tinkler&#039;s Loup, Carsphairn
Tinkler's Loup, Carsphairn also known as Tinker's Loup.

Postmark Dalry 15.7.1909
To Mr Chas Macmillan, Garroch Mills, New Galloway
Transcript 'Dear Charlie, I was quite heart broken not getting down with you in the trailer on Monday morning.…

Composite of Images, Carsphairn and Area
Composite of Images, Carsphairn and Area showing: Kells Range, Moniaive Road, River Deugh

Postmarked Carlisle, 5th July 1965?
Mrs Margaret Brown, St Michaels Hospital, Linlithgow, West Lothian.
Transcript: Back in the north again! Hope you…

Composite of images, Power Stations &amp; Dams, Dalry
Power Stations & Dams, Dalry including Ken Doon, Earlstoun, Glenlee, Carsfad

Head of Loch Doon
Head of Loch Doon

Tinkler&#039;s Loup
Tinkler's Loup in colour

Postmark Dalry 22.5.1911
To Mr Arch. Waddell, Eastcroft, Larbert, Stirlingshire
Transcript 'Had your letter alright. Aunt J. wants you to do as you proposed as we have time enough now. We will write you later on. Jannie…

Tinker&#039;s Loup
Tinker's Loup in black and white

Postmark New Galloway 1930s
To Miss J. Anderson, The hostel, Kirkcudbright
Transcript 'Dear Jean, Thank you for the skipping rope hope you are well all well here. Love from Jean.'

Carsphairn sports
Carsphairn sports, high jump, probably taken on Show Day

Main Street, Carsphairn
Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the West showing Sheep down street

(First Card) Postmark Carsphairn 25.8.1908
To Mrs A.B. Cape, Bonnygate Manse, Cupar, Fife
Transcript '25th Aug 1908. We intend leaving here tomorrow (Wed) and expect to arrive…

The Last Spinner, Carsphairn
Postcard from Photo_4

To Mr Milroy, Carsphairn, Dalry.
showing Edward VII stamp
Transcript: 54 Albert Edward Road, Kensington, Liverpool, c/o Mrs Gibson.
Alex sent his postcard and put no address on it. His address is: c/o Mrs Clark, 52 Albert…

Carsphairn, West End
Main Street, Carsphairn taken from the East showing The Salutation Hotel, 13.6.1904

War Memorial and Golf Course, Carsphairn
War Memorial and Golf Course, Carsphairn

Galloway Dyker
Galloway Dry Stone Wall Dyker

North End, Carsphairn
Main Street, Carsphairn North End

On reverse - Bridgend, Carsphairn - donated by Mr & Mrs Lawrence, Melrose

Dalmellington - collection of Postcards
59a - Station, Dalmellington
59b - Hospital Bridge, Dalmellington
59c - The Flood, Dalmellington 11 July 1927
59d - The Old Bridge, Dalmellington
59e - Dalmellington from Cockie Knowe

Lagwyne Castle
Remains of Lagwyne Castle. Postcard posted in 1944 to Moorbrock, Carsphairn, stamp attached

Transcript To Mr D. Blair, Moorbrock, Dalry
'Many thanks for your postcard received this morning. What a delightful week we had. Winnie went home quite…

Lamloch Church
Postcard of Lamloch Church - posted to Mrs Porteous, Knockvennie

Lagwyne Avenue
Lagwyne Avenue, Beech Trees

Postcard showing group of people
9 men, 3 girls outside a workshop

Polmadie Burn
Polmadie Burn

Knockgray, Carsphairn
Knockgray, Carsphairn

The Liggate, Carsphairn
The Liggate, Carsphairn

Carsphairn Street
Carsphairn Street (in colour)

North End, Carsphairn
North End, Main Street in Carsphairn

Salutation Hotel, Carsphairn
Salutation Hotel, Carsphairn

The Cally Hotel
The Cally Hotel, Gatehouse of Fleet

Kendoon Loch
View of Kendoon Loch, near Carsphairn

Ann Armstrong sitting, May McLelland standing; Carsphairn 1929
Ann Armstrong sitting, May McLelland standing; Carsphairn 1929

View of church/churchyard Carsphairn
View of church/churchyard

 View of New Dam, Carsphairn
View of New Dam, Carsphairn

Carsphairn Street
Carsphairn Street - in colour

Station Dalmellington
Station Dalmellington

Postmarked Dalmellington, 2.8.??, George V Stamp.
To Mr D R Richardson, Milfield, Twynholm
Transcript: Dear P, I got the note alright and many thanks for it. If you haven't got the case sent on just keep it till I send for…

Hospital Bridge Dalmellington
Reverse - This is the bridge at Aunt Jennys.

The Floods Dalmellington 11 July 1927
Reverse - "Thats Uncle Johns (Richardson) Bus going into Dalmellington Station".
This was the big flood in Dalmellington

The Old Bridge Dalmellington
The Old Bridge Dalmellington

Dalmellington from Cockie Knowe
Dalmellington from Cockie Knowe
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